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A stone and concrete masonry company with years of experience, Darryl Myers Brick is the place to call for all of your masonry construction projects in the Independence, KY area. Specializing in custom stone installation on and around your residential property or commercial space, Myers Brick offers a variety of services such as foundation repair, landscape wall building, tuck pointing, and more. No matter the job, if your project includes laying stone or pouring concrete, they can tackle the job!

While other companies may cut corners or only work on the installation part of the process, Myers Brick not only guarantees expertly executed work, but also promises to cooperate with you every step of the way with demolition, hauling, delivery of materials, and—of course—final construction. Their reputation is built on a code of professionalism and craftsmanship within the community that is well kept, and they treat each customer accordingly.

With outdoor living installations like retaining walls and patios, they will come inspect the area and talk to you personally about your needs and expectations. They will then schedule regular project meetings with the whole team to create an installation that perfectly fits your individual needs.

Need work done on a chimney or driveway? Myers Brick is happy to do fireplace chimney repairs of all types and can re-lay or re-cobble your driveway and walkways easily too. 

The next time you need a mason to work on your latest home project, call Myers Brick at (859) 743-3850, send an email to, or visit the website.

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