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American Health Associates

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American Health Associates, Medical Laboratories, Health and Beauty, Cincinnati, Ohio

American Health Associates is dedicated to providing patients with the best long-term care and clinical laboratory services. The facility began in 1990 offering lab services to physician practices and evolving into the country’s largest lab provider for long-term health care.

Based in Cincinnati, American Health Associates has partnered with the top long-term care corporations and offers a range of clinical services. The family-owned company follows a strict code of ethics, making sure that the well-being of patients is the top priority. Patients will always feel comfortable, knowing that their needs will always be met, whether it's just a simple question or to schedule a test. Walk-ins are always welcome at the facility locations, and the wait times are typically very short.  

For patients' convenience, AHA Direct is a program that allows clients to choose lab testing services and results without requiring a physician order. The program helps patients by relieving them of an extra doctor visit, and fees are affordable.

American Health Associates has total around-the-clock services, making sure there is always an employee available to tend to patients’ needs. The facility’s lab testing services are highly accredited and guarantee a fast result turnaround. Some of the lab’s testing services include blood tests, drug tests, diagnostic tests, DNA lab testing and more. Results can be accessed through the company’s secure website, or they can be delivered by fax.

To view the multiple American Health Associates locations or to learn more about the laboratory service programs, visit the website. To schedule an appointment or check lab results, call the team at (800) 522-7556.

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