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Experimax Northeast Orlando, Computer Repair, Services, Orlando, Florida

Are you interested in buying an iPhone® or MacBook®? Save money on your next purchase by taking advantage of the used Apple® products at Experimax Northeast Orlando. Not just a premier spot for affordable cell phones and laptops, this trusted shop also provides quality repairs for broken Apple devices.


These professionals are well known for stocking the latest products on the market at affordable prices that fit your budget. You and family can select from a wide range of used Apple products, including iPhones, MacBooks, and iMacs®. For additional savings, trade in your older model for cash or discounts on wearables, tablets, and accessories.


If you’ve recently broken your phone screen or are experiencing slow speeds on your laptop, don’t hesitate to turn to this skilled team for fast and effective repairs. From diagnostic testing and liquid cleaning to battery replacement and charging port repairs, these specialists will fix your issue with no appointment necessary. Feel free to also take advantage of data transfers and virus and malware removals to keep your computer running at peak performance.


What separates this computer repair and sales shop from the crowd is their commitment to customer service. Clients will benefit from expert advice, financing options, and warranty plans. Staff members will also answer questions and concerns regarding vintage devices and the repair process. 


Whether you’re searching for the best deals on used Apple products or you need help with a damaged phone screen, go with the friendly team at Experimax Northeast Orlando. Call them today at (407) 802-4663 or visit them online for more information.

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