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Whether you’re entering a divorce settlement or reviewing the value of your home for a potential listing, you need a reliable and accurate real estate appraisal to get a clear picture of your property’s worth. With more than 15 years of experience, Concept Appraisal Services in Littleton, CO, offers professional residential appraisal services. Clients across Jefferson County can count on owner and operator Connie Jo Esbenson to deliver timely reports and a wide range of services.


Backed by industry-leading technology and using the latest methods in the field, this local company provides a modern appraisal process. Connie stays up to date with current methodologies to correctly evaluate real estate market conditions in your existing neighborhood. Having successfully completed over 30,000 appraisals, she has the expertise to manage the most complex of assignments.


As a licensed and certified appraiser, Connie provides an array of services, including bail bonds appraisals and estate planning. She understands the importance of supplying precise reports for lawyers, financial planners, and banks. Clients will benefit from a sophisticated process that features a well-supported assessment based on the fair market value of the home.


From bankruptcy cases and bail bonds to tax assessments and foreclosures, knowing the value of your home is essential to making a sound and educated financial decision. Connie takes pride in bringing clarity to your situation while upholding strict standards of professionalism, integrity, and honesty.


When searching for a reputable real estate appraiser, turn to Concept Appraisal Services. Call Connie today at (303) 506-6254 to request your free quote or visit her online for more information.

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  June Denver Metro housing market statistics from REcolorado show signs of a market that is heating up as several indicators showed year-over-increases. The count for more
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This unofficial day was started in 1998 by Debby Hoffman and Kathy Chamberlin as a way “to tell the people in our lives how much we appreciate them.” Sincerity is the Key In the more
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If you’re prepping to buy or sell a home, knowing its market value will help you negotiate for a competitive price. A licensed property appraisal expert is a useful resource for more