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When a death occurs and the grieving process begins, you need a name you can trust to handle the necessary funeral planning. Harding Funeral Home has been serving the Westport area for over 35 years, and they recognize the challenges one faces while simultaneously dealing with a loss and having to orchestrate funeral services. Let them take the burden off of you and your loved ones. The funeral professionals of Harding Funeral Home will work with you each step of the way to develop the perfect funeral, cremation, or memorial gathering while giving you the room you need to mourn and heal.

  • The Harding family name is synonymous with quality funeral amenities.

For three generations, the Harding family has been in the funeral business. Neil F. Harding took over the Lewis Funeral Home in 1977; his father, Joseph, had been a funeral director in the Bridgeport area for decades. Neil's son, John, now runs the Harding Funeral Home.

  • An ideal service is custom-made for the one you've lost.

Whether you need funeral or cremation services, the staff at Harding will design a memorial that captures the personality of the departed while celebrating his or her life. All aspects of the service, from embalming to burial, will be handled with the utmost levels of professional care and attention.

  • With Harding Funeral Home, you are never alone in your grief.

Grief can feel isolating and unbearable, but with Harding at your side, you can begin the healing process. They have a wealth of resources available to support you and your loved one, including grief counseling, advice on talking to children about death, and legal insights.

Call Harding Funeral Home today at (203) 349-2065, and start commemorating the life of the person you've lost. You will find a team of caring professionals who are here to help you navigate this trying time and give you the support, encouragement, and expert service you need.

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