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All Creatures Inn

1909 Catnip Hill Rd.
Nicholasville, KY 40356
All Creatures Inn, Pet Boarding and Sitting, Services, Nicholasville, Kentucky

Give your furry friend the perfect home-away-from-home with the caretakers at All Creatures Inn. Whether you’re traveling just a few hours away or taking a cross-country venture sans pet, it’s vital that your cat or dog is in good hands while you’re gone. Worry no more with this pet daycare; these experts have only your pet’s best interests at heart and can’t wait to care for every animal as if it’s their own.

All Creatures Inn provides everything your pet could ever need, from affordable pet grooming to large indoor-outdoor runs, climate-controlled rooms, and a separate cattery—your pet will be spoiled for choice! What’s more, All Creatures Inn always has a veterinarian on call to take care of your pet’s health whenever needed. For a day visit, drop your dog off and let him play with all of his furry friends—no extra charge for group plays!

The staff at this pet kennel has a genuine passion for pet care that shows with every animal interaction. Enjoy peace of mind knowing that your pets are in good hands, and enjoy your time without them knowing they’ll be safe and sound at All Creatures Inn. The only problem you might encounter? These pets might not want to leave! That’s the promise of All Creatures Inn: 100% parent and pet satisfaction. All Creatures Inn is also a member of the American Boarding Kennels Association, so there's truly no need to fret over their well-being.

If you’re interested in learning more about All Creatures Inn or would like to book pet boarding services, call today at (859) 233-9000.

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