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When you decide to have children, you have to commit to years of providing new furniture as your kids grow at rates considered to be alarming to your wallet. With Flexa® Hawaii in Honolulu, you can create the perfect room for your child with flexible furniture solutions that provide long term value and great memories. For more than 46 years, Flexa has manufactured various types of children’s furniture, from bed frames and desks to bookcases and bunk beds.


Easy to assemble and just as effortless to take apart, you’ll be glad that you chose Flexa for your children’s furniture needs. The system, created in Denmark, was designed to accommodate children as they reach milestones throughout childhood, making it easy to alter as your child grows. For example, the bed —which is the centerpiece of any bedroom—gives the child a comfortable place to sleep, but is also completely modular and can be configured to match the children’s age and moods. Whether it is a single bed, bunk bed, high bed with a ladder or slide, your child will never feel stuck with just one style of bed. The options really are only limited by their imagination.


These experts also understand your concern with your child’s safety and they’re equally concerned. That’s why they implemented high safety standards for their products, including rounded edges on their products, environmentally friendly UV lacquer for the toddlers that love putting their mouths where they don’t belong, and Oeko-Tex® labeled textiles which undergo rigorous chemical vetting processes and are as allergy-friendly as possible.


By choosing Flexa Hawaii, you’re choosing the safety, comfort, and development of your child, while saving a few dollars for their college fun. Find the system you want for your child by visiting their website or by calling (808) 955-4434. You can also follow them on Facebook for more information.

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