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Student Storage Solutions

Student Storage Solutions

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Being a student comes with a lot of challenges. There are the books to lug around, tests to take, friends to make, and roommates to live with, but one of the often overlooked challenges of being a student are the breaks between semesters and years when you have to pack up all of your belongings to bring back to mom and dad’s house. With Student Storage Solutions in Rochester, NY, storing your belongings while in transition is easy and convenient.


This storage facility offers a number of solutions for college students looking for a safe and secure method for housing their belongings. From packing to moving to storage, your items will be placed in the hands of professionals who take them in transit and bring them back when necessary. As students generally need assistance moving in the summer (and are also broke), they also offer summer specials and free moving boxes when you sign up.


Whether you’re placed in a dorm too tiny to fit your things or you’re heading home for the summer and your old room was transformed into a fitness center, Student Storage Solutions has you covered. Count on them to work closely with you so the transition is seamless and hassle-free.


From your freshman orientation to your transition into the workforce, Student Storage Solutions is your best option for keeping the items you don’t need right now. For more information, call them today at (585) 232-3450 or visit them online.

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