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Chronic foot pain can drastically alter your lifestyle and lead to long-term problems at home and on the job. If you’re dealing with foot or ankle discomfort, head to the Chronic Foot Pain Center in New York City. This practice is led by Dr. Robert Kornfeld, a leading podiatrist who has nearly 40 years of experience in the field and has developed protocols for foot and ankle pathology, incorporating safe, natural, supportive medicines that allow the body to heal itself.


Board-certified in integrative medicine, Dr. Kornfeld offers a holistic approach to treating problems in the foot and ankle. Patients will benefit from an extensive examination process that is geared toward finding the underlying source or causes of chronic pain in the lower extremities. Next, he targets the physiologic/metabolic contributors to the pain that are burdening the body’s immune system.


Unlike other podiatrists in the field, this local foot pain center works hard to avoid prescribing large doses of pharmaceutical medication. Instead, they utilize homeopathic injection therapy that fosters healing through the body’s own natural abilities. Other natural alternatives offered by Dr. Kornfeld and his staff include Sarapin® injections, amniotic fluid allograft injections, and CBD oils.


In addition to a wide range of herbal and nutritional remedies, you can take advantage of custom orthotics to help support your feet. This local office is equipped with the latest equipment in the field, including sonography machines that take images of your soft tissues that are unable to be visualized by conventional radiography technology. Don’t hesitate to ask about prolotherapy and MicroVas® therapy options to promote the healing of damaged tissues, ligaments, and joints.


When searching for relief from foot problems, reach out to Dr. Kornfeld at the Chronic Foot Pain Center. Call them today at (516) 369-3172 to schedule an appointment or visit them online for more information.

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