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Luke's Sewing Centers

Luke's Sewing Centers

4005 Dixie Hwy
Elsmere, KY 41018
(859) 342-6600
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Whether you’re old-fashioned with your sewing or you like taking a contemporary approach, Luke’s Sewing Centers in Elsmere, KY, is the place for you. As a leading provider of sewing machines and supplies in the greater Cincinnati area, you’ll have access to numerous products and services, all designed with the goal of enhancing your sewing, crafting, and quilting experience. For over 45 years, this has been the convenient, one-stop-shop for your fabric and sewing needs.


If you need to repair your current sewing machine, purchase a new one, or you want to take a look at some new products, visit this shop. They have a number of services for you to benefit from, whether it’s machine inspections, repairs, or tune-ups. Their variety of machines can perform numerous functions, have seemingly countless accessories and features, and have practical designs for improved performance.


Whether you’re a novice or a self-proclaimed pro, Luke’s Sewing Centers will serve you in the form of sewing classes as well. They have a number of scheduled instructive sessions to help improve your technique and performance, as well as introduce you to others who have the same sewing passions as yourself. With multiple locations throughout the area, you’ll be able to expand your knowledge, skills, and acquaintances with the services offered by this team.


Find out more from this sewing shop or request a free estimate for repairs by calling Luke’s Sewing Centers today at (859) 342-6600. A visit to their website or Facebook page will also provide you with additional details and information.

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