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Glenn's Plumbing

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From leaky faucets to hard water, there are a number of issues that can befall your plumbing system. Glenn’s Plumbing in Show Low, AZ, is up to the task of solving these issues with prompt and efficient services. These plumbers specialize in numerous areas of plumbing repair and water systems so you can get back to living comfortably.


Whether you’re looking to soften the water in your shower or clean the drain in your kitchen sink, this plumber has you covered. Their services include drain cleaning, water filtration and purification equipment, water heater repairs, and emergency plumbing. Keeping water flowing properly is their top priority, and they look to serve you well in that regard.


You may be able to tackle a small issue with a plunger and some chemical drain cleaner but when the problem is beyond your reach, it’s time to call Glenn’s Plumbing. Call these plumbers today at (928) 537-8416 to schedule an appointment.