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If you’re dealing with the lasting effects of a bad car accident or sports injury, start your road to recovery with help from an experienced chiropractor. With more than 31 years of experience, Dr. Brian Augustine of Augustine Chiropractic in Wesley Chapel, FL, offers a wide range of personalized treatments designed to target your specific issues. He and his staff are dedicated to helping patients heal in a warm and inviting atmosphere.


This locally owned and operated chiropractic care facility specializes in assisting individuals who are suffering from auto injuries. Dr. Augustine will carefully diagnose whiplash symptoms to create a custom care plan that features in-office treatments and at-home therapy regimens you can do on your own. He understands that timing is critical in the recovery process, which is why he recommends stopping in for an appointment within 72 hours of the initial event, even if you’re not currently feeling the effects.


In addition to problems related to auto accidents, this chiropractic care practice provides solutions for neck and back pain. He conducts detailed physical exams and x-rays to rule out serious ailments that may require surgery, followed by treatment. Pain management at this office encompasses gentle adjustments, cryotherapy, and therapeutic massages.


These proven professionals work closely with the vast majority of insurance providers to cover the costs of your physical therapy. Don’t hesitate to ask about advanced care options, such as electro-muscle stimulation, intersegmental traction, and Erchonia® laser treatments, a laser that sends visible coherent light directly to the problem area of the body.


For dependable chiropractic care services, reach out to Dr. Brian Augustine at Augustine Chiropractic. Call his office today at (813) 994-6008 to schedule an appointment or visit them online for more information.

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