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For over 45 years, Greg Brown and his family have been serving the residents of Northwest Ohio with all their air vent cleaning needs. Their company, Pringle Mega-Vac, has been in the family for three generations and has been making customers happy throughout the region.

When it comes to residential and commercial duct cleaning, what separates Pringle Mega-Vac apart from their competitors—aside from their experience—is their high-tech equipment. The average truck on the market produces 4,000 to 5,000 cfm (cubic feet per minute) of suction, but Pringle Mega-Vac’s trucks produce over 12,000 cfm!

What’s more, to stay up to date, Pringle Mega-Vac keeps an open dialogue with duct cleaners all over the industry, so they are always in the know of cutting-edge technology and procedures. Their list of services includes: industrial duct cleaning, residential duct cleaning, commercial duct cleaning, and chimney cleaning.

What speaks to their level of expertise is the fact that Pringle Mega-Vac trains some of the leading duct cleaning companies in the country. And since they manufacture their own equipment, they have fewer costs, which is reflected in their affordable rates.

Lastly, with Pringle Mega-Vac, you won’t have to worry about a false estimate. The team will give you a written estimate that will be lower than any in-home one. And you can rest easy knowing that they won’t hike the prices once they begin work.

Learn more about Pringle Mega-Vac by visiting them online or giving them a call at (419) 256-7763. The local business serves many counties in Ohio, including: Lucas, Wood, Hancock, Defiance, Henry, Williams, Fulton, Paulding, Putnam, and Van Wert.

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