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Family Pawn Shop in Waipahu

94-220 Leokane St
Waipahu, HI 96797
(808) 676-8800
Family Pawn Shop in Waipahu, Pawn Shop, Shopping, Waipahu, Hawaii

With the largest selection of classic island items alongside the highest prices for gold, silver, and diamonds, Family Pawn Shop provides Waipahu residents with a full selection of pawnbroker services. Whether you are looking to pawn diamonds, pawn silver, or sell coins, you can trust the experienced and expert brokers at this pawn shop. With a wide selection of everything from surfboards, longboards, koa ukuleles, paddleboards, and other interesting items, this pawn shop has everything you need for your home, business, or personal collection.

Unforeseen circumstances can arise suddenly, leaving you in desperate need of emergency cash. Whether it is musical instruments, jewelry, computer parts, or even silver coins, the pawnbrokers at this neighborhood pawn shop will liquidate your valuables for the highest market price. This reliable and practical pawn service strives for transparency and fairness, delivering the highest payout on your valuables. 

Visit Family Pawn Shop today to sell your computer parts, diamonds, or pawn your silver. Apply for pawn loans and consult with the experienced pawn brokers for the latest in collectable and valued items. Sell your unwanted gold, or add a medley of unique items to your collection today! Call (808) 676-8800 for more information today! 

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