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Badger Tuners

W1710 State Highway 16, Suite 3
Bangor, WI 54614
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Badger Tuners, Engines Rebuild, Repair & Exchange, Services, Bangor, Wisconsin

One of Wisconsin's only Chassis Dyno Shop located in Bangor, WI! With our diagnostic tools, we can quickly identify how to help your vehicle perform at a higher level. We use HP Tuners and other software to tune the ECU of your Car or Truck. We can also turn off performance robbing functions that the factory installed to meet EPA standards like Active Fuel Management, EGR, DEF, and more (Off-Road Applications Only).

Our proven methods will reward you with increased engine power, better fuel economy, and a better driving experience.

We do Dyno Tuning, Supercharger Installations, Diagnostics, Repairs, Chassis Alignment and Scaling, Welding, Fabrication, Bead Rolling, and So Much More! We also offer our Dyno to other mechanics that need to troubleshoot a vehicle while under a load without physically driving down the road. Municipalities and Law Enforcement preferring to have Speedometer and Odometer Certification are certainly welcome! Don't forget we are an Authorized Holley Dealer and Speed Shop.

See us today for a Basic Tune, Power Tune, Transmission Tune, Race Tune or take a run on the Dyno. Call us today!