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Northeast Environmental LLC, Asbestos Removal, Services, West New York, New Jersey

It’s almost amazing how some things in your home could remain hidden or dormant and yet pose a serious threat to your health. North East Environmental LLC in West New York, NJ, is a licensed and certified company dedicated to asbestos removal and mold remediation. Harmful by nature to varying degrees, asbestos and mold services are taken extremely seriously by the experts at this company, who will work hard to keep you, your family, and your employees free from dangerous particles and fibers.


Whether you need a property demolished or water damage has caused a rise in mold spores in your home, trust North East Environmental LLC to provide the same great service to relieve you of unsightly structures and illness-causing mold. They offer services for asbestos abatement, which is crucial and required for demolitions, asbestos removals for residents still living in the home, and testing for customers who are unaware or unsure of the level of asbestos that may be present in their property.


When it comes to mold, remediation is key. With more than 30 years in business, their experts work diligently in pinpointing the sources of mold and then cleaning and removing those sources so chances of regrowth are reduced. Other services performed by this team include insulations, disposals, and pre-demolition inspections.


Making sure your home or business is free of disease-causing asbestos and cough-inducing mold is the top priority at North East Environmental LLC. Call them today at (201) 708-4270 to request a free estimate. You can also visit them online for details on their asbestos removal and mold remediation services.

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