Lahaina, Hawaii

LahAina Surf Shack

LahAina Surf Shack

117 Prison St
Lahaina, HI 96761
(808) 661-2700
LahAina Surf Shack, Surf Lessons, Services, Lahaina, Hawaii

If you live in Lāhainā, HI, and want to join the surf culture, catch a wave at LahAina Surf Shack, a small locally owned surf school. They specialize in surf lessons, rentals, history, and more, and all lessons are taught by trained and CPR-certified instructors who want their students to be as safe as they are skilled. At this surf school, you’ll learn to become one with the land and the sea.


As a woman-owned surf school, their doors are open to everyone, but they offer a unique opportunity for young girls to immerse themselves in surf culture and feel more than welcome. They present a variety of lessons for those wanting to get out on the water, including private and group surfing and paddleboard lessons. Whether you want to try stand-up paddleboarding or you just want to belong to an inviting community of athletes, this is the school for you or your little one.


Not just a school, they host a number of events in an effort to be more community based, offering seasonal camps, after-school programs, and community surf days. They also provide 24-hour board rentals with each lesson, giving students everything they need to hone their skills. If you’re visiting the area, you too are more than welcome to reap the benefits of this surf school.


LahAina Surf Shack provides a safe and fun experience for all who want to learn how to surf. Find out more about this surf school by calling (808) 661-2700 or visiting them online. You can also visit them on Facebook for pictures and videos of their classes and lessons.

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