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Embers to Ashes Chimneyworks, Chimney Repair, Services, Reynoldsburg, Ohio

The chimney repair experts at Embers to Ashes Chimneyworks have been servicing Cincinnati area homes since 1976. As leaders in the industry, they are proud to offer the most diverse and comprehensive chimney related services in the state. 

In addition to providing general chimney cleaning and chimney repairs,  Embers to Ashes Chimneyworks performs many specialty services, including:

  • New Chimney Construction: Adding a chimney and fireplace to your house can drastically increase your home’s value and add a sense of comfort and warmth to your living room. The pros at Embers to Ashes Chimneyworks can work with you to design the fireplace of your dreams, including backyard fireplaces and wood fired pizza ovens.
  • Guard Installations & Animal, Nest, and Bird Removal: A simple chimney guard installation from Embers to Ashes Chimneyworks can prevent rain and critters from invading your chimney as well as hazardous sparks from hitting your roof. If you already have an animal, nest, or bird stuck in your chimney, you can rely on one of their experienced chimney sweeps to get rid of the problem in a flash!
  • Specialty Construction Projects: In addition to installing fireplaces and chimneys, the masons from Embers to Ashes Chimneyworks can design and install unique features like wood fired pizza ovens, backyard fireplaces, and fire pits.
  • Historical Restoration:Many homes in the Cincinnati area have gorgeous old chimneys and fireplaces that are in desperate need of repair. Embers to Ashes Chimneyworks offers exclusive historical restoration services. They can match the original brick or stone design for a flawless result that restores your old chimney to its former glory.

For all of your chimney repair, maintenance, and construction needs call Embers to Ashes Chimneyworks at (614) 863-1389

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