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Whether you’re the lead on a construction site or there’s a community event you’re planning, people are going to need a place to relieve themselves. Not every location has a restroom readily available, so when you need a place to go, contact Horizon Services Inc. for clean bathroom facilities. For more than 33 years, this company has offered portable toilet rentals and services at affordable prices to a variety of customers and clients in Fairbanks, AK.


When you’re running a construction site, it’s important to provide workable conditions for your employees and that means ensuring they have convenient access to a restroom. This company provides clean, comfortable, and well-ventilated portable toilet rentals. With 24/7 services available, you can receive service for your portable toilets at any time of day, no matter the day.


Not just for construction sites, these portable toilets serve clients well in a number of other settings. While nature is fine for camping, it’s not as forgiving when you have to go. Have your campers and visitors feeling comfortable with camping toilets from Horizon. Hosting a concert or community event requires accessible toilets for your patrons, and this provider has the resources necessary to keep bladders empty and comfort levels high.


Get everything you need to keep your employees, clients, and customers satisfied when it’s time to “go” by contacting Horizon Services Inc. Dial (907) 452-1480 today or visit them online to learn more about how they can supply your event with quality portable toilets.

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