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United Electric Motors

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United Electric Motors, Electric Motor Repair, Services, Anchorage, Alaska

Your electric motors and backup generators are critical to the sustained operation of your company, as well as to heating your home in the demanding climate of the Alaskan frontier. When these systems shut down, you need a dependable company to get you back up and running. With more than 20 years of experience, United Electric Motors in Anchorage, AK, is your leader in emergency motor and generator repair.


This trusted company employs a skilled team of technicians who are ready to solve your issues quickly and at any time. Through their 24/7 emergency hotline service, they ensure that you’ll have a knowledgeable and skilled team working diligently to restore your broken electric motors and backup generators shortly after you call for service. Homeowners and businesses can count on these experts to utilize the latest equipment and techniques in the field to deliver quality craftsmanship.


In addition to executing electric motor repairs when you need help the most, this reliable company also installs industry-leading technology from top-of-the-line brands. They take pride in stocking a massive inventory of used and new parts at prices you can afford. From factory-warrantied equipment to reconditioned motors, feel free to ask staff members which options are right for your home or business.


Backed by two decades of passionate service, United Electric Motors is the name you can trust when it comes to 24/7 emergency motor repairs and generator maintenance. These friendly technicians won’t stop until you’re completely satisfied. Call them today at (907) 563-5232 to get the solutions you deserve or visit their website for more information.

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