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Inspect Hawaii LLC, Home Inspection, Services, Honolulu, Hawaii

You’ve found the home of your dreams, but before you can pack up the family and move into your humble abode, you need a dependable home inspection completed by a certified inspector. At Inspect Hawaii, LLC in Honolulu, skilled inspectors are dedicated to spotting potential problems before they become major disasters for new homebuyers.


From single family homes to luxury properties, this home inspection company will help residential clients determine if they need to upgrade, maintain, or repair a wide range of areas, such as HVAC systems, garage structures, and foundations. They utilize cutting-edge infrared scanners to measure heat energy that is invisible to the naked eye and drone cameras to inspect roof damage. You can look forward to receiving same-day reports, free follow-up inspections on recent repairs noted in the original report, and 90-day warranties on mechanical and structural components.


Are you thinking about putting your home or condo up for sale? Before listing your property, turn to these professionals to uncover issues with your roof, attic, and crawl spaces. Benefit from knowing your deal will go through without unfortunate surprises with plumbing, electrical, and structural systems.


This Better Business Bureau®-accredited company is also well-versed in conducting inspections for commercial buildings across Oahu. These building inspectors understand the subtle differences between restaurants, office buildings, and retail spaces, and they will customize their approach to meet the needs of your property. Your facility will undergo an array of assessments that address environmental, paving, and fire protection concerns.


Whether you’re buying, selling, or maintaining a property, reach out to the experts at Inspect Hawaii for the cost-effective home inspections you deserve. Call them today at (808) 330-2302 to schedule an appointment or visit them online for more information.

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