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Put your pet in good hands with the skilled team at Montgomery Animal Hospital in Cincinnati, OH, an accredited AAHA hospital for the past 65 years. The folks at this animal care facility are committed to easing your concerns and providing the best care for your pets.

From dental services to radiographic imaging to surgical services, the team at Montgomery Animal Hospital has the know-how and compassion to provide thorough, pain-free procedures for your pet. They’re dedicated to maintaining an open line of communication with all of their clients so that you’ll never have to leave their facility wondering if you’ve made the best choice.

The staff at Montgomery Animal Hospital is trained to safely and effectively administer anesthesia so that they can efficiently complete vital procedures that wouldn’t be possible without this specific expertise.

While this top-notch animal hospital loves to care for dogs and cats, they also recognize that less traditional pets need care, too. They’re happy to provide the healthcare needed for your exotic animals, such as ferrets, reptiles, birds, and rabbits.

Owner and hospital director Dr. V.J. Fairhurst, along side Dr. L.K. Schlasinger and Dr. D.P. Krumanaker, has been providing long and healthy lives for animals in the area for the past 40 years. Together with their knowledgeable and compassionate team, they continue to administer the best treatment a pet owner could ask for.

Visit Montgomery Animal Hospital on Facebook to get to know more about your new vet. Call (513) 791-7912 for an appointment for your animal today.

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  Healthy Diet: The quality of food you feed your dog matters. Avoid generic meat byproducts, sugars, excess sodium, and unnecessary fillers. Byproducts can actually be very more
As soon as you realize that your dog is sick, you might do everything you can to make them comfortable. Unfortunately, like illnesses in humans, many canine health problems mimic more
Since fleas thrive in warmer temperatures, many consider the pest to be a spring and summer risk. However, these blood-sucking parasites are quite common in the fall season. In fact, more
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Dr. Krumanaker is the bunny whisperer! She has had so many wonderful bunnies come see her the past couple of months. We highly recommend her if you have a new bunny or other exotic more
The Fourth of July isn’t complete without fireworks and barbecue. While these seemingly innocent parts of the party are enjoyable for you, they may pose a threat to pets. Don’t more
We had some chinchilla excitement recently at our animal hospital! One of our clients brought her chinchilla in for an x-ray exam. The chinchilla was thought to be a male with a more
Fleas and ticks might be small, but they can cause big problems for cats and dogs and even put their health in danger. These pests are also highly prevalent, as they’ve been known more
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Like humans, cats and dogs are subject to plaque and tartar buildup that cause gum disease, gum recession, and bone loss. Scheduling pet dental services from a more
When you decide to introduce a new animal into the family, there are a number of important veterinary care steps to take to ensure they are healthy. Assessing your new animal’s more
With the holidays approaching, it’s important to consider how the change in weather and home atmosphere can impact your pets. Taking time to make adjustments and accommodations now more
Pets are family, so when they get sick, it can be upsetting. Knowing how to respond and when to take pets in for emergency veterinary care will help you keep calm and better care more
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As a general rule of thumb, veterinarians encourage pet owners to practice flea and tick prevention throughout the entire year. However, if you’ve fallen out of the habit, there’s more
When you bring your animal to a pet hospital, you may learn they have a thyroid disorder. This issue can occur in dogs or cats due to an under-active or hyperactive thyroid. more
Whether you will soon be welcoming a new member of the family or are moving to a neighborhood near a school or with many young children, you need to start teaching your furry friend more
Bringing an adopted pet into your home is a compassionate act, and the staff at Montgomery Animal Hospital in Cincinnati, OH, is committed to helping new owners properly care for more
You’re not the only one who wants to cuddle up to a warm fire after a walk outside in the frigid winter. As the team at Montgomery Animal Hospital explains, your pet more
While the holidays are an exciting time for the entire family, it's important to consider your pets' safety during this season. From handing over a little too much table food more
Dogs eat large portions, and their extensive palates include everything from bananas to steaks. As many dog owners know, this means your canine companion may eat objects that are more
The government requires that all human hospitals be reviewed and accredited by a certified health organization. However, animal hospitals do not legally need to meet this standard. more
Pets should have yearly veterinary care visits to ensure they are in prime health. Montgomery Animal Hospital in Cincinnati, OH, has provided these exams for pets of all kinds more
Although you might be tempted to give four-legged family members table scraps after a meal, some human foods aren’t suitable for animal consumption. That’s why the team at more
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As a dedicated pet owner, you know that your furry friend needs to be cared for in many of the same ways that humans do. From eating healthfully to getting ample exercise, animals’ more
Annual pet checkups will detect and treat minor health problems before they become major concerns, ensuring your furry, feathered, and scaled companions live long, happy lives. more
Hip dysplasia is a genetic condition in dogs that environmental factors can improve or worsen. It is characterized by a loose and poorly formed hip joint, which results in extreme more
During the winter, your furry friends might be just as excited about the falling snow and bustling atmosphere as your children are, which is why you may be tempted to let them more
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Nobody likes leaving their dog home alone for hours on end, but sometimes it’s unavoidable. To help you ensure that your dog is safe and comfortable during that time, Montgomery more
Did you know that there are more cats in American homes than dogs, but far more dogs see their vets than cats? Is that because cats are healthier than dogs? Not at all – more
When a pet is microchipped, it greatly increases the odds that they will be found if they ever get lost or become stolen. However, a microchip is useless if the pet's family forgets more
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Like humans, animals are prone to overheating when the temperatures climb high. Because Montgomery Animal Hospital in Cincinnati, OH, is committed to providing the very best pet more
Cats are amazing groomers and keep themselves beautifully clean – so if your kitty is drooling, something is wrong. Call us at the Montgomery Animal Hospital, (513) more
Traveling with our pets can be great fun for you and for your pet, but a successful trip requires some extra planning. First, consider your destination and check with us more
It can be heartbreaking to watch your dog suffer from suspected food allergies, especially when you aren’t able to tell exactly what’s causing them. Adverse reactions to food more
We all know we should, but how many of us actually plan ahead for an emergency? Well, take some advice from the pet-owning veterinarians at the Montgomery Animal more
When it comes to your pet, you would do anything to keep him safe, happy, and healthy. Preventive veterinary care at the Montgomery Animal Hospital will help to ensure more
To most cat or dog owners, their pets are cherished members of their families; these furry companions are there for them when they need them in a way that few others are. This is more
Does your pet have allergies, or did he or she catch a bug? That's the main question when springtime illness hits.We humans usually get runny noses and scratchy eyes when the pollen more
The daffodils bloomed and the weather's getting warmer. We're out and about again - but so are the bugs! It's time to double check that your pet is protected from fleas and more
As springtime gets closer and you start to spend more time outside with your pet, the chances of them being exposed to parasites gets higher. All dogs and cats are at risk for more
We love our birds, and we at the Montgomery Animal Hospital want you to give your pets the best food to keep them as healthy as possible. Here’s the bad news: there is no more
Montgomery Animal Hospital of Cincinnati, OH, is here to show you how to manage your pet's weight from an early age and how to help your overweight pet lose weight safely. more
February is national pet dental health month!  We at the Montgomery Animal Hospital want to celebrate by sharing some facts so you can keep your pet's mouth healthy.Most more
1 in 3 cats and 1 in 10 dogs could develop chronic kidney disease in their lifetime, and it's a leading cause of death for cats. Signs of kidney disease include: increased more
It goes without saying that your dog, cat, or other animal companions are not just pets, but family members and best friends! Pet owners often find themselves scouring labels in more
Dogs and humans aren’t the only ones who can suffer from motion sickness. Cats can also feel sick while traveling in the car. We at the Montgomery Animal Hospital want our more
Adapted from the AAHA PetsMatter blog, by Ann EverhartJust like leaves growing and falling with the seasons, our pets grow and shed hair in cycles. As the days get shorter, more more
During the cold winter months, outdoor cats will often seek out any warm spot to rest. That can frequently include under the hood of a parked car, where the engine block is warm and more
For many Cincinnati families, the advent of the winter holidays brings on a lot of changes to daily life. Not all of it is safe for pets, however. Montgomery Animal Hospital in more
The Montgomery Animal Hospital is AAHA-accredited, and proud of it. AAHA stands for the American Animal Hospital Association. It is a organization that sets the standard of more
Cats have an unfortunate reputation for requiring less care and attention than other pets. While they can occasionally prefer to be alone, their independence doesn't mean they can more
Mmm, Thanksgiving. Family, friends, and a big meal - and a chance for our pets to overindulge as well. Keep your animal family members healthy this holiday with these tips:The more
Our hearts always go out to those who lose their pet. We at the Montgomery Animal Hospital care deeply about our clients and patients alike and try to make the end of life more
Here in Cincinnati, the deer tick is active in the fall. This pest can carry lyme disease, so make sure your dog is protected with Bravecto every 12 weeks year-round!read more
Halloween is undoubtedly a fun holiday; between the colorful costumes, the glowing jack-o’-lanterns, and the candy, it’s truly exciting for the whole family. If you’re a pet owner, more
We at the Montgomery Animal Hospital want to keep all of our dogs safe from a common fall danger in our yards and parks. We sympathize with Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, who more
Your pets are part of the family and they deserve the best care; that's why it is so important to bring your pets in for yearly checkups. Located near the Kenwood mall in more
How can I tell if my pet is overweight?Try these simple at-home tests to see if your beloved pet should see the veterinarians at Montgomery Animal Hospital for more
If you’re a pet owner in the Cincinnati, OH area, you're lucky to live near Montgomery Animal Hospital, a leader in veterinary care and pet dental services for the past 65 more
The veterinary care team at Montgomery Animal Hospital in Cincinnati, OH knows just how important it is for you to brush your pet's teeth on a regular basis. Just like humans, pets more
The Montgomery Animal Hospital is happy to scan your pet for a microchip to help keep your furry or feathered friend more
Did you know that 1 in 3 pets goes missing at some point in its lifetime? The best way to help your pet return home is to provide him or her with permanent identification: a more
Did you know that 1 in 3 pets goes missing at some point in its lifetime? The best way to help your pet return home is to provide him or her with permanent identification: a more
Your pets are a big part of your family. Like us, they age. However, they age at a faster rate than we do. By seven years of age they are considered senior citizens. Now they need a more