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Are you looking to buy a home or planning to start a new business? If so, having a lawyer available to review the legal paperwork before you sign is critical. Offering more than 80 years of expertise and practicing in a wide range of areas, you can trust the team at Morrow, Gordon & Byrd, Ltd., in Newark, OH, to help you through your legal needs to achieve your goals.


These lawyers are committed to providing the best legal services possible for their clients, which can be seen in the personalized attention they show while working with you. They represent various types of clients, including individuals, corporations, non-profit, limited liability companies, and sole proprietorships.


Whether you’ve found yourself responsible for dissolving a loved one’s estate or are looking for guidance on the formation of a new business venture, these attorneys will work closely with you to provide the information you need to make informed decisions. Other practice areas include:

  • Probate law
  • Civil cases
  • Wrongful death
  • Personal injury and workers’ compensation
  • Bankruptcy and debt relief

Able to practice in both state and federal courts, you can rely on this team to be by your side to help you navigate any legal proceedings. With a dedication to fighting for their clients’ rights, their team will go above and beyond to help you achieve the most favorable outcome in your case possible.


When you’re in need of a reputable lawyer that you can trust with all of your legal affairs, reach out to Morrow, Gordon & Byrd. Call their office at (740) 345-9611 to request a consultation or visit their website for more information.

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