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In order to meet the challenges of today’s business environments, you need a trusted collection agency to handle your accounts receivable department. Whether you run a transportation service or a security company, having a dependable third-party collection team is critical. Based out of Twinsburg, OH, since 2001, Joseph, Mann & Creed offers complete collection services for corporations across the country.


As a full-service credit‐to‐cash, accounts receivable management company, clients will benefit from modern collecting services. These well-trained experts take pride in offering problem-solving, negotiating, and mediating solutions for your business to resolve customer debt. Staff members work diligently to build relationships with individuals, resulting in higher recovery percentages than competing third party collection agencies.


Your bottom line is the main concern for these account receivable specialists, which is why they offer no charges on withdrawn accounts or adjustments. Clients can take advantage of their client-defined ad-hoc reporting and call recording options, as well as power and predictive dialer technology. Additionally, you’ll have complete access to your accounts via the web and updates on asset research.


Corporations are delighted with this outside collection firm’s commitment to customer support and consistent results. You can look forward to receiving personalized services, international capabilities, and litigation services with no legal management fees. Feel free to ask staff members questions regarding third-party contingency plans and pre-collection programs.


When searching for a reliable accounts receivable management company, go with the professionals at Joseph, Mann & Creed. Call them today at (216) 588-9923 to request a quote or visit them online for more information.

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