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Robert G. Thompson, MD

Integrative Medicine & Co-Author of The Calcium Lie & The Calcium Lie II

Robert G. Thompson, MD

188 W. Marydale Ave.
Soldotna, AK 99669
(907) 260-6914
Robert G. Thompson, MD, Integrative Medicine, Health and Beauty, Soldotna, Alaska

Robert G. Thompson, MD, is a leading OB-GYN who is committed to serving the Alaskan communities of Soldotna and Anchorage. With decades of experience, he's treated everything from chronic pelvic pain to gestational diabetes and endometriosis to various menstrual disorders.

Penning The Calcium Lie and The Calcium Lie II, books that daringly explore alternative medicine and challenge conventional medical techniques, Dr. Robert Thompson is committed to empowering his patients—and the public—through education. Though he calls himself a “women’s doctor,” the groundbreaking sequel has opened his practice to more men and women alike who are exhausted by dead-end treatments for problematic metabolic conditions and are benefitting from his fresh spin on nutrition counseling.

While Dr. Robert Thompson has created a name for himself in the alternative medicine sphere, he is a dedicated, board-certified gynecologist who has practiced medicine across the country for years. After obtaining his degree from the University Of Kentucky College Of Medicine in 1977, he has continued to perform a wide range of procedures, including sympathectomy and gynecologic cancer screening, with the highest level of care.

Robert G. Thompson, MD, aims to use his understanding of the intricacies of holistic, alternative, traditional, and integrative medicine to improve your overall health. To schedule an appointment or receive more information about Dr. Thompson’s services, visit his website or call (907) 260-6914

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