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Whether you’re searching for ways to revitalize your youth, reduce chronic muscle pain, or lose additional weight, cryotherapy is the solution you need. White Mountain Cryotherapy in O'Fallon, MO, offers state-of-the-art cold therapy treatments that are designed to promote your body’s natural healing abilities. Driven by the belief that whole-body wellness is the key to a healthy life, this facility provides a cryotherapy sauna, infrared sauna pod, and NormaTec® pulse recovery technology.


As one of the fastest growing holistic healing methods in the country, this pain management clinic is proud to offer whole-body cryotherapy. You’ll experience freezing temperatures that signal your brain to draw blood to your core from your extremities. This process results in your natural filtration system removing toxins and inflammatory properties, leading to enzymes and oxygenated blood returning back to your arms and legs.


If you’re dealing with stress, problems with weight loss, or low energy, take advantage of their infrared sauna pod. This cutting-edge chamber is designed to expel toxins and impurities from your pores through an efficient heating process. Individuals are blown away by the soothing and relaxing environment created by the cocoon-like structure and superheated air.


In addition, you will have the opportunity to relieve muscle pain and improve your workout performance with NormaTec compression therapy. Athletes, gym rats, and entire sports teams are welcome to utilize this unique pulse recovery system that pushes air to create a continuous massage directly onto your legs.


If you’re ready to change the way your body is feeling, try the exceptional services offered at White Mountain Cryotherapy. Call them today at (636) 486-2522 or visit them online for more information.

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