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Having your car totaled in an auto accident can be a devastating experience; see the skilled team at Wreck Expert in Kansas and Missouri, to avoid compounding this less-than-ideal event with a low settlement amount from your insurance adjuster. With more than 20 years of experience, this trusted company will provide guidance, education, and helpful suggestions. They won’t stop working to make sure you receive exactly what you deserve in total loss collisions.


These professionals are well versed in the auto accident repair industry, having worked with dealerships and collision insurance teams for years. You’ll benefit from their insights into how to collect the lost value of your car after repairs are completed. Clients will receive tips on how to choose dependable repair shops over insurance-controlled mechanics that are looking to cut costs. You can also look forward to their dealer fraud, lemon law, and expert witness referral services.


Did you use a rental car during repairs? You and your family are entitled to a vehicle that is reasonably comparable to your totaled car, and these specialists will ensure you receive payment for loss of use if the rental vehicle fails to meet these standards. Don’t forget to ask staff members about post-repair vehicle inspections; oftentimes vehicles are repaired improperly and can lead to unsafe driving conditions.


Auto accidents are costly, and low estimates from insurance providers can lead to you footing the bill. Take control of your situation with help from the knowledgeable team at Wreck Expert. Call them today at (913) 444-4636 to schedule your free estimate or visit them online for more information.

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