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No matter how difficult your legal situation may be, you can count on Law Offices of Conti, Levy and Salerno, LLC. for personalized solutions and a commitment to protecting your interests. With their broad range of expertise and depth of experience, these attorneys provide high-quality legal representation in a variety of situations, including everything from civil litigation to family law matters.

Whether you need a divorce attorney or a skilled criminal defense lawyer, this Torrington-based law firm provides the service you need. Their legal team has a track record of successfully resolving their clients' cases both in and out of the courtroom, often reaching acceptable settlements with advanced negotiating skills. However, if your case requires it, they're not afraid to take your case to trial and fight for your rights.

The Law Offices of Conti, Levy, and Salerno, LLC. combine the partner-level experience you would expect from a large law firm with the personal attention, cordiality, and accessibility usually associated with a small practice. With these lawyers, you can expect the superior service you deserve and solutions tailored to your unique situation.

Visit Law Offices of Conti, Levy and Salerno, LLC. online now to see their full list of services or call (860) 482-4451 to schedule a free consultation today!

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When you’re a driver, it’s your responsibility to stay aware of on-road hazards and to react appropriately—especially when pedestrians are present. While you may not always be at more
Child custody is one of the most common and difficult types of issues dealt with in family law. The ideal situation would be for both parents to work out a custody agreement on more
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Divorce is a complicated process for many reasons, but whenever children are involved, courts become primarily concerned with protecting their interests. Familiarizing yourself with more
A strong criminal defense is crucial to protecting your rights and achieving favorable outcomes, such as acquittal, pleading guilty to a lesser charge, or aiming for the more
As every criminal defense attorney knows, individuals accused of committing crimes have several rights guaranteed to them by the United States Constitution. In the 1966 landmark more
A car accident can leave you shaken and dazed for hours or days. However, during this time, it’s imperative to take the proper steps for legal protection. Here are a few more
A collaborative divorce refers to an alternative dispute resolution for couples who hope to end their marriage on amicable terms. If you anticipate a non-combative split, more
Before you enter a marriage, it’s important to have a lawyer draft a prenuptial agreement. The written contract, or prenup, lists the assets of each party prior to the marriage more
As a tenant, there are certain laws you should be aware of. While you might know that there are statutes protecting the rights of your landlord, you might not realize that there are more
Deciding to end your marriage and hiring a divorce attorney are major, life-changing steps. However, they’re only the first in a potentially long, confusing process. Depending more
Investing in a rental property is an ideal way to make passive income and grow your assets. However, when you become a landlord, you should work with a dedicated lawyer to& more
While many people assume that family law only comes into play during the dissolution of a marriage, it also has an influence when an engagement is broken off. While this can be an more
Many people who have access to the Internet regularly use social media. While this isn’t generally a cause for concern, you may not realize that information posted online may be more
Family law disputes tend to be emotionally stressful, often with outcomes that can shape the important relationships in your life. Whether you’re going through a divorce, more
Just as with real estate, debts, and other assets, businesses can be considered as marital property during a divorce. As such, Connecticut residents who are dissolving a marriage more
Divorce tends to be a difficult and emotional experience, and anyone going through a marital split likely needs the right divorce attorney to keep the legal side of things more
Family law cases can result in emotional legal proceedings because they involve people who share deep connections. When family members are unable to resolve disputes, they can turn more
Adoption is a beautiful way to grow a family, but the procedure can be enough to deter even the most determined individuals. With help from a seasoned family law attorney, more
A criminal conviction doesn’t just result in immediate penalties; it carries consequences that can affect you for decades. Having this black mark on your record may make it more
When going through a divorce as a parent, your child is likely on your mind. Will you be able to take primary custody of your little one, or will you be restricted to scheduled more
If you and your spouse choose not to continue your relationship, you can decide to separate or divorce. Some couples separate without getting the courts involved, while others more
When a married couple gets a divorce, a judge or court may award something called alimony. Alimony is spousal financial support that is separate from the division of property and is more
When you step into a courtroom, the proceedings fall into one of two categories: criminal and civil cases. Crimes generally involve breaking a law and are considered offenses more
Workers’ compensation is an insurance program that gives benefits to employees who are injured on the job or develop a work-related illness. Though many workers are aware of the more
Whether you’re newly engaged or planning to propose, it’s wise to consider what might happen in the event of divorce. Although thinking about divorce when you’re planning a more
Criminal law is a system of laws that that works to punish those who commit crimes. Even if the criminal justice system differs from state to state, there are punishable crimes that more
Dogs are known as man’s best friend, but, on rare occasions, they can bite, leading to personal injury cases. Unfortunately, 1 out of 5 people bitten needs more
As the non-custodial parent, it is your job to send monthly child support payments to your ex-spouse. Yet a variety of circumstances can make this challenging, such as the loss of a more
If you’re looking to lease commercial property for your business, you’ll need to sign a contract with the property owner. These documents can often be confusing or overwhelming for more
It’s not uncommon for teens to experiment with drugs and alcohol. However, that doesn't mean doing so has no consequences. Even if your teen never gets behind the wheel more
In the state of Connecticut, all businesses that employ at least one individual are obligated to carry workers’ compensation insurance. That means if you get hurt on the more
Divorce is a long process, often focused more on lawyers than the separating couple. A mediated divorce is different: There is no litigation or courtroom. Instead of a judge, more
When a child is expelled from school, it’s natural for the parents to feel powerless. Regardless of the circumstances, the student still has rights, and their parents can hire more
Ending a marriage isn’t easy, but if your relationship has deteriorated to an irreparable point, it may be time to talk to a family law attorney about your options. Connecticut more
In the state of Connecticut, an attorney must be involved in most real estate transactions. While some parties may opt to hire a lawyer at the last possible moment to save on more
Dividing up property is one of the most contentious aspects of divorce. Instead of fixating on what you might be losing, though, think about the fresh start you’re& more
Since domestic abuse often escalates gradually, it can be challenging to determine if you’re actually in danger in a relationship. After all, every couple fights, and most couples more
Traffic violations may seem fairly minor, but they should be taken seriously. After all, traffic laws exist to keep all motorists and pedestrians safe; following those laws is the more
When going through a divorce, loving parents can almost always agree on the importance of their children’s well-being. However, child support can be an area of confusion. It’s meant more
Murder and manslaughter both involve death, but they have some crucial differences. These two crimes require different kinds of proof and carry distinct sentences. more
When you and your spouse decide to get divorced, one of the biggest challenges you will face is dividing the property. Determining who should get what can be quite difficult, even more
Dissolving a marriage is almost always an emotionally turbulent and legally complex experience, but it doesn’t have to be a contentious dispute. With the help of an experienced more
Establishing holiday visitation schedules can be difficult because divorced parents want to spend as much individual time with their children as possible. However, there more
A slip and fall accident can result in serious injuries that can cause pain and suffering, as well as financial hardship. If you fall and hurt yourself on someone else’s more
When a court makes an initial ruling in a family law case, often one of the parents leaves the courtroom unhappy with the decision. Sometimes circumstances change for a parent, more
As any reliable criminal defense attorney will attest, how someone responds when they're arrested can have a direct impact on the charges they're facing and, ultimately, more
Watching a friend deal with a divorce and go through the emotional stress of ending their marriage can be difficult. While you want to offer support, you don’t want more
When you get injured at work, it may seem like a long time before you receive benefits payments for a workers' compensation claim. However, if all your paperwork goes through more
Theft crimes involve taking someone else’s property unlawfully, and felony convictions mean high fines and jail or prison time. As attorneys often advise, there are various degrees more
Sexual assault refers to nonconsensual physical contact of an intimate nature. Although people often equate it to rape, it’s an umbrella term that includes more
If you have been convicted of driving under the influence, the offense can affect your future. Traffic lawyers often advise clients that having a DUI on their record—especially more
If you’ve been accused of a crime, a compelling defense is key to maintaining innocence and getting the most beneficial outcome possible. Cases of theft may employ several more
Whenever possible, negotiating with your spouse is always better than protracted litigation. Not only does it give you more control over the outcome, but a mutually agreeable more
Every legal dispute falls under one of two categories: civil or criminal. Although people often consider family law a distinct third category, disputes involving domestic relations more
Torts are civil violations that a person, business, or entity inflicts on another party, causing them to suffer a loss. When this occurs, the victim may pursue compensation for more
Many are unfamiliar with the steps that follow after being charged with an offense. In Torrington, CT, the criminal defense attorneys at The Law Offices of Conti & Levy inform more
Social media has revolutionized the way people connect with one another across the world. While it has its benefits, many fail to realize the risk their online activity presents more
In child custody cases, family law courts must base their decisions on the best interests of the children. When determining this, judges weigh a variety of factors, especially more
Because they’re covered by a network of state, local, and federal statutes, drug laws can be extremely complex. Determining the charges you are facing and what the outcome may be, more
Getting pulled over for a DUI can be incredibly intimidating, and many people don’t know what to do in that situation. Unfortunately, confusion can cause you to give up some of more
A couple considering marriage might shy away from talking about prenuptial agreements for fear of sounding greedy or distrustful. However, a family law attorney will tell you more
Similar to workers’ compensation laws in other states, the Connecticut Workers’ Compensation Act provides benefits for employees who have suffered an injury or illness while more
Although buying a home for the first time is an exciting life experience, the process is typically quite complex. There are a number of important legal considerations involved in more
As you buy or invest in commercial property, an abundance of complex laws can make an already complicated process much more intense. Fortunately, an attorney will help you more
No one gets married with the intention of divorcing. That means, even if ending the relationship is in everyone’s best interests, those who file must adjust everything they once more
Commercial real estate laws cover a broad range of topics pertaining to properties used for business purposes. When you become a landlord, it’s important to learn as much as more
Dividing marital property can be one of the most contentious aspects of the divorce proceedings. Fortunately, couples can eliminate much of the stress by turning to seasoned family more
Child custody is an important and complex issue in family law. When parents can’t reach an agreement on the matter, the courts step in to make a ruling. To ensure the best more
When people think of child custody, they usually define it as where the kid will live and how visitation is allocated. However, these components make up only half of the more
If there is a chance your child may be expelled from school, you must take the appropriate actions to protect their rights. The Board of Education will hold a hearing to more
Every child has the right to an education. If your son or daughter has been threatened with expulsion, understanding his or her rights under Connecticut school law is essential to more
Ending a marriage is an emotional and challenging process for the couple involved, but it is just as difficult on the children. When parents separate, it’s vital they explain the more
If you've been the victim of a personal injury, you want to do everything possible to safeguard your rights and build a solid legal case. With social media playing such an important more
If you’ve been injured as a result of someone’s negligence, knowing the steps involved in filing a claim is of the utmost importance. The personal injury attorneys at The Law more
If you were hurt in an accident that was not your fault and your financial security has suffered as a result, you would probably agree the sooner you recover compensation, the more
Hiring a competent personal injury attorney after an accident is essential for obtaining fair and adequate compensation. Unfortunately, this task is often easier said than done. more
Criminal law is the branch of legal practice that deals with infractions and the people who commit them. Largely, the system is focused on determining whether an accused person more
Employees and volunteers who suffer an injury or work-related illness in the course of performing their duties are eligible for wage replacement and medical benefits under the more
Auto accidents can be physically traumatic and financially debilitating, especially if you have serious, long-term injuries. While the law does give you the right to seek more
Most people have a general understanding of what their Miranda rights are from watching TV shows, but they often lack accurate knowledge regarding the laws surrounding them. more
If you are facing a divorce, you may be curious how the courts calculate child support payments. Though determining factors will vary from case to case, the end goal of the more
If you've been involved in an accident that was not your fault, you could benefit from the guidance of a personal injury attorney. For some, calling a lawyer feels like a big step, more
If you've been injured because of another party's recklessness or negligence, you have a legal right to seek compensation for the losses and challenges you face. When filing a claim, more
If you have been arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence, it’s important to know you have options to protect your rights and reputation. DUI convictions come with more
Being arrested on criminal charges causes fear and confusion; so, if offered a plea bargain to lessen the sentence, it’s tempting to accept quickly. However, you should always more
If you're in a car accident, your personal injury case starts at the moment of impact. Everything you do contributes to the civil litigation which you and the other driver may bring more
In the state of Connecticut, all employers with at least one staff member must have workers’ compensation coverage. So, if you are classified as an employee and you were hurt on the more
Having a criminal record can affect your life in many ways. Even if you were convicted of a misdemeanor, it could inhibit you from securing gainful employment, obtaining a loan or more
If you sustain injuries on the job and you are forced to miss work to recover, your biggest concern should be your health. Sadly, for most Americans in this situation, their more
After an injury, who you choose to represent your interests may be one of the most important decisions you make. Unfortunately, even if you've done your due diligence and carefully more
As a parent, it’s natural to want the best for your child. Unfortunately, you can only protect them from harm when they are physically with you. If your child sustained injuries at more
Along with the physical ramifications of an accident, you may be extremely stressed about the subsequent legal issues. To this end, having access to the right information can more
Any time you've been injured due to someone else's negligence, you may need a skilled personal injury attorney to help pursue your claim. In fact, according to The Law Offices of more
Divorce is an emotional and stressful process for most people. Every divorce is different, and it is hard to know what to expect. At The Law Offices Of Conti & Levy in more
If you’re facing legal issues and need to hire a lawyer, calling the first attorney you come across does not necessarily ensure that you will receive quality legal counsel. There more
A prenuptial agreement is not just for people who believe that their marriage is going to end in divorce. Instead, a prenuptial agreement is a way to get around your state’s more
The Connecticut court system consists of the Supreme, Appellate, Superior, and Probate Courts. The Superior Court hears cases of four kinds which are civil, criminal, family, or more
Civil litigation is a very broad area of the law, covering essentially all disputes between organizations, companies, and individuals that do not involve criminal charges. Typically, more
Disputes between relatives or domestic partners can be especially acrimonious, especially when the situation is emotionally charged and the stakes are high. To complicate matters more
Workplace accidents and occupational illnesses can be devastating, impacting your ability to earn a living for the rest of your life. To make matters even worse, the process of more
For most couples entering into a divorce, the process is filled with legal language, rules, and protocol that are largely foreign. A divorce attorney can provide some valuable more
Family law is complicated, and when it comes to parental rights and responsibilities, the specifics vary from state to state. If you have questions about your legal rights as a more
Between insurance requests, looming medical expenses, and the physical effects of your injury, you may feel overwhelmed by the prospect of dealing with the aftermath. That’s why more
Unless you're amicably dissolving your marriage and don't have kids, hiring a good lawyer is key to cutting the stress while ensuring that all your rights are respected. However, more
If you've been hurt in an accident, you may be facing climbing medical costs and missed wages, circumstances which could be putting considerable financial strain on your family. more
Knowing when to hire a personal injury attorney can make all the difference in the success of your case. With over six decades of combined legal experience, the injury lawyers at more
In some circumstances, a divorce is not the most appropriate means through which to dissolve a marriage. When the situation requires a legal determination be made about the validity more
No matter what type of legal situation you're facing, from a contract negotiation to criminal charges, choosing a legal representative is a decision that must be made carefully. more
Most of us aren’t terribly savvy about the intricacies of law. So when legal issues do arise, most people’s first impulse is to contact an attorney. While there are some legal more
A DUI conviction could have lasting repercussions for many aspects of your life, and it’s important to hire an experienced criminal lawyer to make sure the resulting penalties are more
No issue brings about as much conflict and uncertainty as deciding child custody and visitation arrangements. While the parameters of full custody are quite often well defined, many more
For couples looking to end their marriages, securing a skilled divorce attorney typically offers a number of benefits. To this end, The Law Offices of Conti & Levy has more
When people run into a situation that calls for the expertise of a skilled lawyer, some may hesitate. After all, many people learn about attorneys from TV shows or movies. more
If you are facing a divorce, a divorce attorney can help you manage the various aspects of the event. A family law attorney with The Law Offices of Conti & Levy, in Torrington, more
If you are in the process of getting divorced, you may be considering filing without a divorce attorney and just using court-provided documents or forms that you found online more
When you've been accused of a crime, you deserve effective legal representation from a criminal defense attorney who is dedicated to protecting your rights. The attorneys at The Law more
Every defendant has the right to handle their own defense in a criminal case, but in almost every situation, it's a better idea to leave your future in the hands of a competent more
When it comes to personal injury, finding the right lawyer is of the utmost importance. However, actually making the decision can be extremely daunting, especially for those more
Family law matters demand the counsel of a caring, qualified lawyer. The Law Offices Of Conti & Levy are family attorneys serving the Torrington, Connecticut, area, and they more
Educational law covers a wide range of topics, including funding, discrimination, and minimum educational standards. If you feel that your child's school is not providing them with more
Workers' compensation laws safeguard employees in the event of accident or injury. The Law Offices of Conti & Levy help injured workers in the Torrington, Connecticut, area take more
You've been injured on the job. You've received medical care for your injury, but your condition prevents you from returning to work. What options do you have now? If this more
Divorce can be complicated. There is no simple solution to issues such as property division and child custody. Each case is unique and deserves an attorney who can provide quality more
If you have been arrested for driving under the influence or driving while intoxicated, the attorneys at The Law Offices of Conti & Levy in Torrington, CT, are prepared to more
If you have been the victim of assault, were injured at work, or were hurt in a motor vehicle accident, you have the right to pursue damages. Suffering after an accident can have more
The attorneys at The Law Offices of Conti & Levy in Torrington, CT, are dedicated to assisting clients with cases of civil litigation, family law, and workers' more
When charged with a crime, securing a knowledgeable criminal defense attorney can have a significant impact on the overall success of your case. After all, a single criminal charge more
Every child has the right to an education, and if your child has been threatened with expulsion, you need to know what your options are. Expulsion is the last resort of a school more
Finding a family law attorney in the Torrington, CT, area may seem like a daunting task, but the team at The Law Offices of Conti & Levy can help. Attorneys William A. more
Litigation: It's a word we've all heard, and some of us may even have some general idea of what it means. But what is the legal definition of litigation? How does it figure into a more
Workplace accidents happen every day. From slip-and-fall injuries to more catastrophic truck or commercial vehicle accidents, workplace accidents affect your life, your work, and more
The needs, temperament, and best interests of the child are at the heart of any child custody order. In the state of Connecticut, like the rest of the nation, child custody laws are more
Appearing in court can be a deeply stressful experience, especially for criminal or family law matters with a lot hanging on the outcome. While you're likely best off leaving the more
Whenever a marriage ends in divorce, there's no doubt that there will be emotional trauma. But this trauma extends beyond the emotions of the adults in the situation; the children more
An injury can have a far-reaching impact, affecting far more than just the injured party. One person who undeniably feels the stress is the caregiver of the injured. It's critically more
Juvenile court cases are never easy to navigate. In many situations, adults must take matters into their own hands. This is a big responsibility, considering that a child's future more
In some areas of Connecticut, winter weather is already here, creating hazardous conditions for even the most experienced drivers. The personal injury attorneys at The Law more
Purchasing commercial or residential real estate is an enormous investment, especially with the rising property values throughout Connecticut. Having a skilled attorney to help more
Legal disputes can be time-consuming and costly, which is why you should always invest in an experienced attorney to help you handle your civil litigation case. The Law Offices more
Divorce is a difficult and stressful experience for everyone involved, but having legal counsel with experience in collaborative divorce can make the process as smooth as possible. more
Divorce and property division make up a complex and emotionally difficult process, but there areways to simplify and expedite these legal negotiations. That's where the attorneys at& more
When children and teens are in legal trouble, the consequences can sometimes impact the rest of their lives. Even if their records are sealed, being accused of a crime or expelled more
Whether you're signing a contract or involved in a legal dispute, you may be tempted to navigate the process on your own. Without legal experience, how do you know which situations more
When you’re setting out to buy a new product online, or even in the store, you probably take a little time to check out what other customers are saying about their experience with more
It’s one thing to be eligible for workers' compensation if you’re injured on the job, and quite another to actually get the money in hand. If you were hurt while working, attorneys more
When you've been charged with a crime, your entire future may depend on the lawyer you choose to represent you. You need an experienced criminal defense attorney who will defend more
Divorces are never easy, especially when children and significant assets are involved. However, you shouldn't let those negative emotions drive you into making hasty decisions. more
Being charged with a DUI is an overwhelming, frightening situation with ramifications that could have dramatic consequences on the rest of your life. However, it's important to know more
Legal situations are often overwhelming and frightening, but you don't have to handle them alone. No matter what kind of legal dispute you're facing, Torrington residents can depend more