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Rojac Construction Inc.

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Based in Wailuku, HI, Rojac Construction Inc. provides civil engineering, construction and demolition services to businesses throughout Maui. For 20 years, these commercial contractors have made it a point to take their work on with complete dedication, professionalism and expertise. Construction is in the DNA of this company; its founders, Ronald Jacintho, Sr. and Gary F. Watanabe share a combined 70 years of experience in the industry, and the company itself has been contracted for numerous big jobs in Maui County.

The track record of this company speaks for itself; whether working in demolition or excavation, installing major sewer lines or building roads, the team at this locally owned and operated business have left an imprint on Maui. This is the company that upgraded and restored the infrastructure supporting the long abandoned villages at Leiali’i, installed the Upcountry Maui Watershed Distribution Pipeline and performed the site work necessary for the Piilani Village Shopping Center. Commercial interests and Maui County have come to rely on Rojac Construction Inc. for a whole host of civil construction jobs because of this sterling reputation.

Everyone at this company is fully licensed and insured to complete this work, and the team here is part of numerous professional organizations: For example, Mr. Watanabe is a standing member of both the National and Hawaiian Society of Professional Engineers. Combining a deep knowledge of engineering practices and expertise with electrical installation and good, old-fashioned work ethic, no other commercial contractors in Hawaii compare to Rojac Construction.

To learn more about the kinds of jobs this general construction contractor does, check out their website. If you or your business are looking for the best in site related and civil engineering services, just give Rojac Construction Inc. a call at (808) 986-1105.

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