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Steri-Clean, Crime Scene Cleanup, Services, Saint Charles, Missouri

Has a traumatic event occurred that requires a professional’s touch for cleaning up? From families and schools to prisons and police departments, if you need biohazard cleanup services in or near St. Charles, MO, Steri-Clean® is the locally and family owned franchise you need. With over 20 years in the industry, their experienced and attentive cleaners will wipe up the most disturbing stains from various surfaces.


Their well-trained technicians are available 24/7, ensuring you never have to wait long for a cleaning. Their specialized list of services offers a wide variety of cleanup methods, each tailored for specific situations and events. These services include the cleanup of:


  • Crime scenes
  • Homicides or suicides
  • After death
  • Animal waste
  • Drug paraphernalia


In addition to biohazard cleanup, the crew at Steri-Clean offers odor removal services, as well as superbug cleanup and disinfection. Various strains of bacteria can be found on nearly any common surface, such as doorknobs, tables, and desks. They also work closely with area exterminators to bring you bedbug treatment services. Allow them to get rid of pesky bacterium and bugs too small for the eye to see but which are bothersome nonetheless.


Having a haunting image implanted in your mind due to a traumatic experience isn’t easy to overcome, but Steri-Clean will help where they can by offering quality cleanup services to eliminate the physical mess. Contact this biohazard cleanup company today by calling (636) 328-6424 or visiting them online.

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