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Mark Matthiesen State Rep

Mark Matthiesen State Rep

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When it comes to the security and future of your family, you deserve to have State Representative Mark Matthiesen fighting for your best interests. Residing in Maryland Heights, MO, he has the pleasure of directly serving families and their children throughout the St. Louis metro area.


As a hard-working, middle-class husband, father, and Christian, this dedicated Republican candidate is committed to ensuring a better future for his constituents. With more than 20 years of working and managerial experience in the hospitality industry, State Representative Mark Matthiesen knows the struggles of living paycheck to paycheck and is committed to easing financial burdens caused by high tax rates. During his previous term, he passed new tax reform legislation, lowering the personal income tax on Missourians to 5.5 percent. He will continue to work toward a balanced state budget and government body that is held accountable.


Fostering a favorable business environment and a strong economy is how Mark Matthiesen is creating new, long-lasting job opportunities for your family. By lowering business taxes, he will bring more jobs and higher wages to the area, ensuring every family has the chance to live the American Dream.


While serving in Jefferson City, he traveled to Washington DC to work alongside notable leaders of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and demanded action regarding the West Lake Landfill. Since then, he has passed legislation that funds testing of residential areas throughout District 70, ensuring your families are safe and unharmed. A vote for Mark Matthiesen means a cleaner and healthier home for your children.


Ensure a better future for your family when you vote for State Representative Mark Matthiesen on November 6th, 2018. Call (314) 541-0098 for current volunteer opportunities or to contribute to his campaign. You can also visit his campaign’s website.

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