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The LCADA Way, Addiction Counseling, Services, Lorain, Ohio

Are you or a loved one suffering from a drug or alcohol addiction? People facing these crises put a lot of pressure on themselves to recover, as well as pressure on their loved ones who just want to see them overcome their demons. Get the help you, or they, need at The LCADA Way. Located in Lorain, OH, this treatment and rehab facility has offered a plethora of mental health services for those dealing with mental and substance abuse issues for more than 37 years.


When it comes to addiction and mental health, the services offered by this clinic are sure to help you overcome some of your most difficult hurdles. From gambling addictions to alcohol awareness and rehab, time spent with their experienced and understanding counselors will bring you peace on your road to recovery. Their mental health services also include prevention and education for families, and they offer services tailored for adolescents, women, and men.


They also work hard at helping companies maintain a drug-free workplace. Based on compassion and understanding, trainees will learn how to recognize and deal with employees who have performance issues related to drug or alcohol addiction. They also offer safety information and education, as well as screening, treatment, and recovery methods for your employees. Knowing that you’re working to help them get better helps make the process easier for both you and them.


Get you or your loved one the help they need by coming to The LCADA Way for respite from mental health problems or drug abuse and addiction issues. Receive more information today by calling (440) 282-4777. You can also visit them online for a comprehensive list of their mental health services.

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