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Founded in 2000, The Gil Law Firm is dedicated to helping people throughout Alabama, Georgia, and Florida get a second chance at life with expert legal representation. Whether you're suffering due to someone else's negligence, need assistance navigating the complex Social Security disability process, or are struggling with mounting debts you can't pay, Rafael Gil III has the experience and passion to help achieve the best outcome for your situation.

Bankruptcy can often be the only way to stop debt collector harassment and foreclosure, while offering an opportunity to get your finances back on track. While this is never an easy decision, expert guidance from an experienced bankruptcy attorney will help make the process easier and get you on the road to financial recovery.

If you've been injured and are unable to work, due to the carelessness of others, Rafael also provides personal injury and Social Security disability attorney services, helping people like you get the compensation they deserve. Trying to go through these processes alone can be overwhelming and confusing, but having a skilled legal professional on your side dramatically increases your chances of success.

Visit The Gil Law Firm online now to learn more about their experience and services, or call (334) 673-0100 to schedule a consultation today!

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If you were recently involved in a slip-and-fall accident, you might be interested in filing a personal injury claim. The law protects victims in these cases, but before you more
Whiplash is one of the most common types of personal injuries, experienced by more than two million people each year. While any injury can cause whiplash, it’s most often associated more
For many homeowners, a mortgage loan accounts for their largest monthly expense. Unfortunately, it’s common to fall behind on payments when having trouble with debt, and as a result, more
If you’re running out of ways to make ends meet because of hefty student loan payments, you may be wondering if bankruptcy is the answer. However, you may have heard that these more
We all make poor financial decisions from time to time. Debt consolidation is a valuable option that can help you out of a bad situation and avoid bankruptcy, but only if you more
Although bankruptcy can effectively eliminate all kinds of debt, it’s not necessarily the right approach for everyone who needs a financial restart. Because it has a few major more
People place a great deal of faith in their health care providers for trustworthy medical treatment. In most cases, this high level of care is standard. However, it’s still more
Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) is a program designed to help individuals whose medical disabilities prevent them from working and supporting themselves. You can more
If you develop a serious disability that prevents you from working, you may qualify for Social Security benefits to help supplement your income. However, before you can receive more
People who are considering personal bankruptcy have usually backed themselves into a financial corner and cannot afford to stay current on their debts. Bankruptcy is often a good more
When people have accumulated so much debt that they can no longer afford the required payments, bankruptcy is sometimes the best solution. In Chapter 7—or liquidation— more
While bankruptcy provides a viable way out of overwhelming debt, the courts don't recognize all debts as equal. This results in some balances receiving a priority status while more
Raising a child with autism is a challenge in many ways, such as getting the financial help you need to cover the costs of caring for them. Applying for Supplemental Security Income& more
For many debtors, making the decision to declare bankruptcy is the easy part. Determining precisely when to commence the proceedings, on the other hand, often poses a challenge. more
Personal injury law protects you from the repercussions of other people’s careless actions. If another individual acts negligently—for instance, by driving drunk—and you are hurt as more
Recovering from bankruptcy typically involves proving to new creditors and lenders that you can be trusted with a loan. This can be difficult because many won’t give you another more
When you’re the victim of an accident, the law allows you to file a personal injury claim for monetary compensation. This is called seeking damages, and there are specific more
Bankruptcy is a valuable financial tool that many people use to tackle insurmountable debts they simply can't pay back. Although it can lay the groundwork for a brighter more
For those facing financial hardship without any foreseeable change to their status, filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy is an effective solution. Doing so will provide you with the more
If you’re on Social Security disability, you might worry about how getting married affects your eligibility status. Will you still receive benefits if your new partner has a more
When you’re involved in an accident, you may be left feeling frustrated and disoriented, but this is a vital time to try to think rationally. While you will need to consult a more
If you’re injured on the job and can no longer continue in your position, you may become eligible for Social Security Disability (SSDI) benefits. These payments are intended to help more
If you are struggling with debts you simply can’t pay off, you may want to file for bankruptcy. This process requires careful planning, however. There are different types of more
In most cases, bankruptcy claims are straightforward; you owe money to a lender, such as a credit card company, and need to claim the amount due. However, in some instances, more
Autism affects over 3.5 million individuals across the U.S., with one out of every 59 children receiving a diagnosis. While the developmental disorder's symptoms vary by case, it more
There are many places you can turn to for debt consolidation services, but some resources aren’t as effective as others. In particular, businesses that offer debt relief may not be more
If a serious accident or medical condition makes it impossible to work, Social Security disability may offer the vital financial support and health care you desperately need. more
Both Chapter 7 and 13 bankruptcies offer freedom from the burden of overwhelming debt, but they take different paths to reach that ultimate goal. While Chapter 7 eliminates more
For borrowers struggling with debts they can’t pay, bankruptcy may provide welcome relief, allowing you to wipe the slate clean and start over. However, misinformation and urban more
It’s not uncommon for the Social Security Administration (SSA) to deny perfectly legitimate disability claims. In other words, just because your claim was rejected doesn’t more
If you’re a consumer who is overwhelmed by overdue bills and collection letters, a Chapter 7 or 13 bankruptcy can provide the debt relief you need. Both provide automatic more
Chapter 13 bankruptcy is designed for people with a reliable income to help them repay their debts—without having to liquidate their assets. It has a number of advantages, including more
If you’re seeking ways to avoid bankruptcy by consolidating your debt for easier repayments, you should explore your options. Two common choices are working with an attorney and more
Financial hardship can arise at any time due to a number of reasons. Fortunately, bankruptcy offers an effective solution for obtaining debt relief. However, it’s common to more
If you’re facing serious financial hardship, you may be considering filing for bankruptcy. The one thing that might be holding you back is the idea that you’ll never be able to more
When you’ve spent too much on a recent vacation or a new car, you might be able to adjust your lifestyle for the next couple of months to recover financially. However, if your debt more
If another person’s negligence causes you harm, you have a right to take legal action and seek compensation for medical expenses, wages lost from time off work, and pain and more
Trips, slips, and falls aren’t just surprising and potentially embarrassing experiences. In many cases, these incidents can cause a personal injury that may leave you with expensive more
If you’ve sustained a personal injury due to an accident or negligence by another party, it’s important to see a medical professional as quickly as possible. Not only can your more
If you think you’re entitled to Social Security disability benefits, it’s wise to talk to an attorney before applying. Because the claims process is fairly complicated—and more
If you’re unable to work due to a disabling illness or serious injury, Social Security disability provides the financial support you desperately need. Unfortunately, the application more
If you’re experiencing financial hardship, you might wonder if filing for bankruptcy is the best solution to get back on track. While this legal action does offer many benefits, more
If it feels like you’re drowning in debt, declaring bankruptcy could provide a much-needed fresh start, as long as you don’t make any mistakes during the proceedings. Unfortunately, more
Life after bankruptcy can be challenging. While it allows you to regain your financial freedom, your credit is seriously impacted. Fortunately, this is only temporary, as the more
You might be considering bankruptcy but wondering how much truth there is in what you hear about it. It’s wise to make an informed decision on this form of debt relief based on more
If you were hurt in an accident you believe occurred due to someone else’s negligence, liability will be a key component of your personal injury claim. This is true in every state, more
Driving in heavy rain requires extra vigilance. Many car accidents and personal injury claims can be attributed to wet pavement every year. As such, motorists need to be aware that more
If you’re involved in an accident with a truck, you may experience a more severe personal injury than if you’re in a collision with another car because of the truck’s greater size more
Social Security disability benefits aim to help those who cannot earn a living wage because of a qualifying condition. Since children do not work, it’s reasonable to assume more
Numerous Americans suffer from a medical condition that interferes with their ability to work. As a result, these individuals rely on Social Security disability benefits to provide more
Chronic pain can be debilitating, in serious cases making it impossible to support yourself or carry out simple everyday tasks. While chronic pain sufferers may qualify for Social more
Unlike other programs that pay for partial disability, Social Security payments are only for complete and total disability. Attorneys know the Social Security Administration ( more
Many Americans find themselves overwhelmed by personal debts. If you’re in this situation, Chapter 13 bankruptcy can offer a way out of these hardships. Here’s what you need to know more
Social Security disability offers vital financial support and health care services to workers whose medical conditions make it impossible to support themselves. However, the more
If you’re going through financial hardship in the state of Alabama, consider speaking with an experienced bankruptcy attorney. Quality lawyers have a wealth of knowledge and more
Nobody takes on debt with the intention of discharging it in bankruptcy someday. Life is unpredictable, and many Americans find themselves unable to pay back the money they more
Filing for bankruptcy is a major step that will help you regain control of your finances and future. But, the bankruptcy process is first and foremost a legal one, and having the more
After housing, student loan debt is the second largest source of household debt, with nearly $1.4 trillion in loans outstanding as of 2018. Except in rare cases, most people owing more
People facing significant financial hardship are often faced with two choices—bankruptcy or debt consolidation. These two options provide different paths to debt relief, and it’s more
If you’ve ever had to undergo a surgical procedure, you probably remember signing a waiver beforehand. These waivers release providers and facilities from liability more
Bankruptcy can be a challenging but essential step in your financial recovery. While it can ruin your credit, it also allows you to start over debt-free. Set yourself up more
Foreclosure is a financial worst-case scenario for most homeowners, but it may sometimes be unavoidable. As difficult as it might be, in some situations, surrendering your home and more
While modern medical advancements have dramatically improved outcomes for mothers and children, childbirth is still a high-risk procedure. Even if the pregnancy has progressed more
When it comes to bankruptcy proceedings, the total amount that you owe is not the only figure that matters. Regardless of if you file Chapter 7 or 13, the value of your more
Every day, medical professionals treat women during pregnancy and childbirth, and the attorneys at The Gil Law Firm in Dothan, AL, know that means constant potential more
Motorcycles are smaller and less stable and visible than four-wheel vehicles. This puts motorcycle drivers at a higher risk for personal injury on the road—they are six more
After deciding that bankruptcy will be your most effective solution for achieving debt relief, you will need to determine which chapter to file. This will largely depend on how much more
A medical misdiagnosis is a serious issue that can put your health at risk—and may warrant legal action. Many people don’t take the time to consult an attorney following an more
A temporary financial setback can have long-term financial consequences, putting you behind on mortgage payments and other obligations. Fortunately, filing for chapter 13 bankruptcy more
As emotionally devastating as the death of a loved one may be, the financial pressure caused by their loss can make the grieving process even more difficult. While no amount of more
It’s possible to protect your assets during bankruptcy with knowledge of the laws and wise strategy. Attorneys can help clients choose between Chapter 13 and Chapter 7 more
When you run a small business, struggling with insurmountable debt can be a stressful experience. It will impact you personally and professionally, putting your financial future at more
If you have been in a car crash, the first priority is ensuring your safety. Beyond this, it’s important to take the right steps to protect yourself legally. Maybe you have been more
In 2016, a study found that medical errors cause more than 250,000 deaths in the U.S. each year. Individuals who experience personal injury or lose loved ones due to medical more
When an individual has a personal injury, the event triggers a complex series of activities and experiences. Unplanned trips to hospitals and doctors, lost time from work, more
People in debt who are considering to file for bankruptcy may want to know what to expect before making a decision. If you are financially unable to pay your creditors, more
Whether you’re filing Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy, you should be as honest as possible about your debts to avoid serious consequences. However, there are many people who more
After a personal injury strikes, you can be left with health issues, property damage, and legal concerns. Fortunately, a personal injury attorney can help you better manage the more
Personal injury law covers a wide variety of events, including medical misdiagnosis. Misdiagnosis cases occur frequently and include prescription medication mistake and surgery on more
Creditor calls, piles of bills, declined cards—if you are dealing with debts, you may be wondering how you will ever get back on your feet financially. Luckily there are some tools more
With so many cars on the road these days, you might think walking is safer than driving. However, the personal injury attorneys at The Gil Law Firm in Dothan, AL, more
Cosmetic surgeries are commonly done on people who wish to improve their appearance. Just as with any type of operation, plastic surgeons are expected to exercise a certain standard more
If you have experienced a personal injury or disability due to the negligence of health care professionals during a hospital stay, you have a right to justice. An attorney can file more
When doctors or other medical professionals fail to provide an accepted standard of care, those injured by their negligence can file a medical malpractice claim. However, not every more
When a patient receives substandard care in a medical setting and experiences complications as a result, the provider is often to blame. In certain scenarios, though, the health more
Patient abandonment occurs when a health care provider terminates their treatment of a patient without lawful reasoning or giving them adequate time to find a new medical more
If you are filing for bankruptcy, not all your debts will be treated the same. The way the court handles debt depends on whether it is a secured, unsecured, or a more
From doctors to nurses, professionals in the medical field are supposed to protect patients, not hurt them. Unfortunately, trained healthcare providers can mess up. Every year, more
Chapter 7 bankruptcy is a helpful option for many people struggling with debt because it gets rid of unsecured debts, including credit cards and medical bills, and more
Some of the most popular social media platforms include Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, which connect more than two billion people around the world. These sites have undoubtedly more
Under Alabama law, dog owners can be held accountable for any personal injury caused by their dogs, including bites and other forms of aggression. In these cases, you may be more
If someone was killed by another person’s negligence or malice, a wrongful death claim allows the family members to collect compensation for their damages. As difficult as more
If you are facing insurmountable debts, bankruptcy can offer much-needed relief from aggressive creditors. The decision to file should not be taken lightly, however, as it does come more
After going through a car accident, it’s natural to want compensation as quickly as possible. However, the experienced attorney at The Gil Law Firm in Dothan, AL, more
In the majority of car accident cases, it’s clear-cut who the at-fault party it is. However, in some situations, the person who caused the accident isn’t held legally responsible. more
Most dogs are lovable companions, but some canines will snap in certain scenarios. After all, dogs are animals, and no amount of one-on-one training, socialization, or obedience more
When it’s done right, filing for bankruptcy can provide the fresh start you may need to regain financial stability. However, the process is a bit complicated. Here, Rafael Gil III more
One of the most common misconceptions about bankruptcy is that student loans are never dischargeable. The truth is, although it only happens in limited cases, it is possible to get more
Determining liability is one of the most important factors in a personal injury case. In essence, it means proving the other party was at fault and responsible for the injuries more
Animal attacks can be physically and emotionally devastating, especially when the victim is a small child. These events can cause extensive personal injuries, potentially resulting more
If you’re thinking about filing for bankruptcy, this option may be the solution to your financial troubles—but only if you approach it correctly. A bankruptcy under the wrong more
Most people in the United States have two options when it comes to filing for bankruptcy: chapter 13 or 7. Few people, however, understand the differences between the two. Working more
When you’re hurt due to someone else’s negligence, their insurance company may give you an offer before the wounds have fully healed. While accepting this may simplify a more
Declaring bankruptcy has helped numerous people get back on track with their finances after experiencing overwhelming debt. However, it’s a big decision to make, and it isn’t more
For borrowers struggling with unsecured debts, chapter 7 bankruptcy can provide a path towards solvency, eliminating many obligations and allowing you to reclaim your life. In more
If you own a small business that is struggling financially, declaring bankruptcy might seem like the ultimate failure. In certain circumstances, though, it could actually more
Personal injury law gives many accident victims the right to seek financial compensation for their losses, including medical expenses and lost wages. However, not every accident more
After another person’s negligence results in injury to you or a loved one, it is essential to get an adequate settlement to address medical bills and other needs. This requires more
After you file bankruptcy and receive your discharge, how should you begin the credit rebuilding process? Attorneys will tell you there are simple-yet-important actions that put you more
When it comes to eliminating debt, there are a few steps worth taking before attempting to discharge it. For example, some may be able to take on a second job or apply for a more
If you’re facing financial troubles, sometimes the best path forward is to file for bankruptcy. Many people shy away from this option, however, putting it off as a last resort— more
Before deciding to file for bankruptcy, it's important to explore all the options available to you. One is debt consolidation, in which you pool your debts into one combined account, more
If somebody else’s carelessness has caused you physical or emotional injury, you have the right to take legal action. With a successful personal injury claim, you can get more
Are you facing money challenges? Take heart in knowing you are not the only one. Tough financial times affect large corporations, too, and some seek relief through bankruptcy. more
When a legal issue arises, you deserve to have all the support you need to effectively navigate the system. Since 2000, the attorneys at The Gil Law Firm in Dothan, AL, have been more
Child support consists of periodic payments made by a parent or similar figure, usually following the end of a marriage. It aims to protect the little one’s well-being and more
Being charged with a crime can have a wide range of serious consequences. Along with potential punishments including jail time and fines, you might also lose access to housing, miss more
Filing bankruptcy is not a decision to be taken lightly. While it certainly has its fair share of benefits, it will have a major impact on your credit history, making it more more
Financial trouble is common, and bankruptcy is a viable way to reduce hardships. The Gil Law Firm in Dothan, AL, understands that declaring bankruptcy is a big more
Whether you’re filing for bankruptcy, have been injured due to someone else’s carelessness, or face any other legal issue, having a skilled attorney to represent your interests can more
Texting and driving is a bad idea no matter who you are. However, can there be legal ramifications if you text someone who is driving and a crash occurs? The personal injury more
  Bankruptcy can provide the fresh financial start that you have been longing for, but unless you make a concerted effort to avoid racking up excessive amounts of debt again, more
  Bankruptcy fraud is any behavior that violates existing bankruptcy laws or takes advantages of loopholes in those laws as a means of abusing the system. Bankruptcy fraud is more
Every personal injury case may be different, but if you want to file a lawsuit, you still have to follow the same legal proceedings regardless of the particulars of your situation. more
If you are considering filing for bankruptcy but you are engaged or married, you may be wondering how it will affect your joint financial situation. Fortunately, a seasoned attorney more
While your present financial state may seem bleak, there is life after bankruptcy. For clients in Dothan, AL, The Gil Law Firm can provide insight into bankruptcy proceedings, more
Many individuals find themselves struggling to climb out from a mountain of debt. Bankruptcy dates back to before the U.S. Constitution, and since then, things have changed more
If you are facing a contentious custody battle, you might think securing a satisfactory arrangement is out of your hands. While it is true the judge will ultimately make the final more
Every personal injury case begins with successfully proving that the responsible party is legally liable for the victim's damages. For instance, a manufacturer of a defective more
Having a child injured in an auto accident is a terrible thought for any parent, especially since the safety of your children is in the hands of every other driver on the road. If more
Pregnant women who have been involved in car crashes face additional threats to their health and well-being. It's important for expecting mothers to understand the proper steps to more
While unemployment benefits and disability payments can be complicated enough, they can be even more difficult to navigate when combined. The Gil Law Firm in Dothan, AL, will help more
Concussions are very serious medical concern that can affect many different areas of one’s life—especially if sustained as a result of someone else’s recklessness or negligence. more
Individuals who are unable to support themselves and their families due to work-related injuries are usually eligible for workers' compensation benefits, typically including medical more
Every driver has a responsibility to look after the safety of everyone else on the road, which includes following traffic laws and making sure your vehicle is well-maintained. One more
Your business is supposed to generate income for you and your family. When it does the opposite and costs more than it makes, it may be time to cut your losses. Aside from selling more
Your first SSI hearing is the most important step in receiving Social Security disability benefits. The process is exhaustively complex, and you shouldn’t walk into more
Unlike most other types of consumer debt, student loans can't be discharged in a Chapter 7 bankruptcy, so it's in the interests of most students to borrow as little as possible. more
While filing for bankruptcy can feel like the end of the world, there are many ways to rebuild your credit score afterward. It’s important to know how bankruptcy works, and The Gil more
After a car accident, the police should be called if the damage exceeds a few hundred dollars or if a personal injury of any kind has occurred. While it's important to avoid more
If you are bringing a personal injury case against another person, one of the conditions you and your attorney have to prove is that the other person behaved negligently to cause more
If you provide products or services to other businesses, you rely on their success to further your own. When one of your clients declares bankruptcy, it’s natural to worry about how more
Chapter 7 bankruptcy, chapter 13 bankruptcy, or debt consolidation of another kind? Whatever option you're looking at, having some type of consolidation system in play is almost more
The law gives creditors a variety of tools for collecting on debts, including lawsuits and property liens. Once they have obtained a judgment, creditors may be empowered to seek a more
Many people assume that bankruptcy protection is only for those who have exhausted all other options, including cleaning out all of their retirement accounts. Unfortunately, this more
One of the most important elements of a Chapter 13 bankruptcy petition is the repayment plan. This plan must be accepted by the court trustee, who will ensure it aligns with a more
While filing for bankruptcy is the only way for many people to find relief from debt and reclaim their lives, it's also a stressful and confusing legal experience. As you go through more
No other facet of personal injury has been more scrutinized than slip and fall injuries. Often, those looking to seek damages in a slip and fall case will exaggerate injuries for a more
There are a number of ways one can resolve a personal injury claim. While some choose to work directly with insurance companies or the other involved party, having an more
Keeping personal finances in good standing and avoiding bankruptcy can be a challenge. The personal injury attorneys at the Gil Law Firm know that when the holiday season rolls more
A Chapter 7 bankruptcy can provide you the “clean slate” to rebuild your financial situation, but it doesn’t come without repercussions. The poor credit that results from declaring more
  Personal injury law is a complicated legal area with many subspecialties. Personal injury law covers everything from car crashes to slip and fall accidents, bringing victims more
  Every 51 minutes, someone dies in a drunk driving accident in the United States. If you're drinking and choose not to drive, you could quite literally be saving a life—not more
Filing for a Chapter 7 bankruptcy can be an excellent way to reclaim your life from debt, eliminating most unsecured debt and providing the breathing room you need to regain control more
The infrastructure in Alabama is sprawling, and that means a car is critical for most families’ daily activities. Unfortunately, the safest and most reliable cars often come with more
For anyone struggling under insurmountable debts, harassment from the IRS regarding overdue taxes can be the proverbial straw that breaks the camel’s back. If both your debts and more
Filing for bankruptcy is a way for those facing financial instability to get back on track. In terms of Chapter 13 bankruptcy and its relation to child support arrears, it’s more
Chapter 13 bankruptcy is a form of debt relief where a filer's outstanding debts are reordered into a payment plan that can be more easily repaid. The typical payment plan lasts more
Bankruptcy law is complicated, and it may be challenging to determine whether you qualify for Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy. If you’re in over your head with unsecured debt, more
The winter months can be a time for family and celebration, but they're also financially stressful with holiday expenses, the costs of traveling, higher energy bills and more
Personal injury can be a very serious legal matter, especially for those implicated as a cause of an accident. Accordingly, knowing what to do is essential for receiving the best more
When you are charged with DUI and personal injury, what do you do? Rafael Gil III of The Gil Law Firm explains steps to take. Based in Dothan, AL, this attorney is devoted to more
Procuring Supplemental Security Insurance (SSI) can greatly benefit certain individuals lacking adequate financial resources. However, the process can be quite complex, from more
Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy both offer advantages to borrowers drowning in debt, but each is tailored for different financial situations. A successful bankruptcy petition more
For people who can no longer work due to an injury or medical condition, Social Security Disability Insurance provides an invaluable safety net, making sure their basic needs are more
When an individual with a disability receives a personal injury settlement or award, legal complications can arise. Attorney Rafael Gil III of The Gil Law Firm, in Dothan, Alabama, more
Life is unpredictable, and financial strategies don’t always pan out as planned. If you’re struggling to stay afloat and want to know how to file bankruptcy, The Gil Law Firm in more
Many people who stand to benefit enormously from the protections provided by bankruptcy hesitate, worried about the long-term impact of having a bankruptcy on their credit history. more
Although bankruptcy can be lucrative for some people, it’s also a highly complex legal process that many find overwhelming. A little reliable information can make the entire process more
If you find yourself in over your head with debt, you have options, even though you might feel hopeless at times. Chapter 7 bankruptcy is one way to eliminate your debt and more
Filing your taxes is almost always confusing and stressful, but what should you do if you recently filed for a Chapter 7 bankruptcy? Will you have to pay taxes on the more
When you're struggling with debts you can't repay, both Chapter 13 bankruptcy and debt consolidation loans may be viable options for reclaiming your financial life. However, there more
Cycling is often so much fun that it’s easy to forget how dangerous it can be. If you sustained injuries in an accident that wasn’t your fault and you want to talk to an attorney, more
When you're burdened with tax debt and are on the verge of bankruptcy, consider talking to a bankruptcy lawyer about your options. The experienced attorneys at The Gil Law Firm in more
Bankruptcy offers an incredible range of benefits to borrowers struggling with debts they can't pay, and it can often be the only way to reclaim your life. However, many people more
If you witness a car accident on your way to work or see a hit-and-run take place in your neighborhood, there are several things you can do to help. The personal injury attorneys at& more
April is officially known as Alcohol Awareness Month, a time to reflect on the dangers posed by excessive drinking. As experienced personal injury attorneys in Dothan, Alabama, the more
Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) benefits are in place to protect you should you lose your ability to support yourself due to a life-limiting health condition. For more more
If you have stock in a company that files for bankruptcy, you may be wondering whether you will get your investment back. This is a critical time, so it helps to reach out to a more
Car accidents involve sudden impacts, which cause your head to snap forward and back and can lead to whiplash and other neck injuries. Although many whiplash victims feel fine more
Having a previous bankruptcy discharge on your record can make filing a second time extremely complicated. The experienced lawyers at The Gil Law Firm in Dothan, AL, have been more
While filing for bankruptcy has enormous advantages for people struggling with unmanageable debts, it will affect your credit rating. However, as the bankruptcy attorneys at more
Tax season is here, and if you’ve been considering declaring bankruptcy, you may wonder about the tax implications. Working with an experienced bankruptcy attorney at The Gil Law more
The first few moments after an accident are often disorienting and frightening, but what you do during this crucial period can have a major impact on your ability to collect damages more
If you are medically disabled and can no longer work, you may be eligible for Social Security disability benefits. However, there are several rules and requirements to qualify for more
If you're in need of governmental help due to a disability, navigating the confusing Social Security process can be overwhelming. Lawyer Rafael Gil III of The Gil Law Firm in more
Social Security disability insurance exists to help relieve the financial burden of a disabling injury, which means you're generally unable to work while receiving benefits. This more
In the event of a debilitating illness or injury, Social Security disability benefits are often necessary to ensure you will remain well-taken care of in your time of need. However, more
Applying for Social Security Disability benefits is a long, complex process, as many who attempt to navigate it alone soon find out. Rafael Gil III of The Gil Law Firm, an more
If someone you love dies as a result of someone else's negligence, you may be able to collect damages from the responsible party. According to the experienced attorneys at Dothan's& more
With the New Year here, it's time to make resolutions that will improve your life for years to come. Money-related resolutions are an ideal way to take charge of your finances, more
If you’re planning to retire in 2016, now is a good time to brush up on your knowledge of social security rules and guidelines. With all the changes to social security that have more
For people who are facing the burden of insurmountable debts, filing for bankruptcy can be an option that gets them on the path to a fresh financial start. Credit card bills, more
Struggling with debts you can't pay is always stressful, but the pressure can get even more intense during the holidays. If you've been considering filing for bankruptcy, the more
There is a common misconception that those who file for bankruptcy are down on their luck or on the verge of destitution. In actuality, however, bankruptcy is a viable solution that more
Jennifer Connell became infamous for suing her nephew for $127,000, alleging the eight-year-old behaved unreasonably when he jumped into her arms, causing her to break her wrist. more
No one intends to declare bankruptcy. But life is unpredictable, and sometimes things come up that prevent you from paying your bills. Maybe you lost your job, got sick, had to take more
Personal injury law encompasses a number of practice areas. Typically, a personal injury lawsuit will be brought forward when a person is injured as a result of someone else’s more
Do you dread flipping through your mail only to find a stack of bills you can't pay? If you're stressed-out from struggling to get your personal finances back on track, The Gil more
Since Congress passed The Chandler Act in 1938, the ability to file for bankruptcy protection when you're struggling with debts is a legal right available to most American citizens. more
Whether you have big business goals in mind or are just trying to get by, stabilizing your finances can really take you to task. And when you have to file for bankruptcy, you may more
Under chapter 13 bankruptcy, an individual or business has the opportunity to reorganize and restructure their financial debts. The Gil Law Firm in Dothan, AL, has been one of the more
No one is immune from getting injured, whether it happens at work, home, on the road, or out in public. Some injuries are more serious than others, and for certain cases, the law more
The idea of filing for bankruptcy is frightening to many people. Bankruptcy, however, actually has some distinct advantages that can help the right person out when they need it more
When you owe back taxes, it can be extremely stressful, partly because the IRS has special collections abilities other creditors don't have. Their agents may show up unannounced at more
Filing for bankruptcy carries a variety of benefits for borrowers struggling with debts who can't pay, especially the automatic stay that puts an immediate stop to most collections more
Whether you're facing chapter 7 bankruptcy or chapter 13 bankruptcy, having some type of debt consolidation system in play is almost always the quickest and most efficient way to more
Whether you've lost your job or find yourself facing massive, unexpected medical bills, filing a chapter 7 bankruptcy may be the only way to get a second financial chance. While the more
A common question people ask who are being bombarded by collectors is whether filing bankruptcy stops all collection actions. According to The Gil Law Firm in Dothan, AL, the more
If your bills go unpaid for long enough, creditors have the right to file a lawsuit against you and secure a judgment, which legally compels you to pay. If their lawsuit is more
When an individual dies due to someone else's actions, whether intentional or not, the surviving family members may be able to file a wrongful death suit against the person or more
The Gil Law Firm in Dothan, AL helps people facing situations where they are unable to work because of a disability. Fortunately, there are two programs available to people facing more
When you're facing foreclosure—and standing to lose your dream of home ownership—time is of the essence, and you need to gather legal resources that will get you through challenge more
Many people who fall behind on their financial obligations are hesitant to file for bankruptcy because they fear losing their most valuable property in the settlement. Others more
                      Every day, bankruptcy attorney Raphael Gil III of The more
Is it possible to rebuild your credit after bankruptcy? Absolutely! With experts like The Gil Law Firm by your side, results can happen more quickly than trying to figure it more
Every year the legal professionals from The Gil Law Firm help people in Alabama, Florida, and Georgia navigate the complex process of filing for bankruptcy.Filing for more
Everyone is theoretically susceptible to tax dilemmas, but when you really get in over your head, arriving at an alternate solution is key. Many people don’t know that bankruptcy is more
A personal injury is a delicate matter, and you'll want to find a lawyer with the sensitivity, experience, and skill to handle your case effectively. Before you go into your first more