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Whether you’re preparing to acquire a piece of land for your business or facing criminal charges, having a caring and proven lawyer by your side is essential to achieving a favorable outcome. With nearly 30 years of experience, the professional attorneys at Riley Resar & Associates PLL in Lorain, OH, are here for you. This dependable law firm offers a wide range of services for individuals, families, and businesses across the region.


Estate planning is often a complicated process for individuals to tackle alone. Families can put their faith in these experts to create living wills and trusts that accurately detail and clearly state their wishes for their estate. These attorneys will also represent parties during probate court proceedings to help appropriately settle debts and distribute assets.


This law firm also has extensive experience in both commercial and residential real estate law. Their attorneys are well versed in the complex proceedings for sales and acquisitions, as well as title, land use, environmental, and development regulations and entitlements. Trust them to provide the assistance you need to settle contract or title disputes. Additional services offered by this local law firm include:

  • Bankruptcy law
  • Criminal law
  • Family law
  • General litigation 

No matter your legal situation, let the compassionate attorneys at Riley Resar & Associates put their years of experience to the test for you. Call them today at (440) 244-5214 to schedule an appointment or visit them online for more information.

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