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Liberty Veterinary Hospital, Veterinary Services, Services, Liberty Township, Ohio

Liberty Veterinary Hospital is a fully accredited member of the American Animal Hospital Association, located conveniently in Liberty Township, OH. Liberty Vet is a high-tech pet care facility offers comprehensive care for animals of all ages and sizes.

Dr. Johnstone has always believed that the success of her practice is dependent on having a staff that operates like a team; providing uncompromising services, compassion, and kindness to every client. When you walk in the door of Liberty Veterinary Hospital, you’ll be welcomed by friendly and knowledgeable front desk staff who will immediately assist you and your pet. From scheduling routine visits to awaiting the results of diagnostic testing, the animal loving staff at Liberty Veterinary Hospital makes sure everything runs smoothly.

Liberty Veterinary Hospital offers convenient online veterinary pharmacy ordering and delivery services, as well as in-house nutritional supplies and pet nutrition counseling to keep your little buddy happy and healthy for years to come. In addition to offering standard veterinary services, pet urgency care treatments, and specialized pet surgery, Liberty Veterinary Hospital helps facilitate pet adoption and reunite lost pets with their owners in the community. 

They strive to offer every service a pet owner could possibly need, and they regularly go above and beyond for their clients. From training puppies, grooming dogs and a fantastic boarding facilities, Liberty Veterinary Hospital is the true definition of a full-service veterinary clinic.


Dr. Johnstone is dedicated to constantly improving her veterinary practice to better serve their human and animal clients. To learn more about the wide variety of services offered at Liberty Veterinary Hospital, call (513) 755-9700 today. 

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We believe that great pet parents should be rewarded for taking care of their pets.  So, we’ve partnered with Petlocity, a program that lets us reward great pet parents like more
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We are constantly striving to provide you the best care possible, therefore, we have now partnered with GuardianVets to provide you after-hours veterinary care support! Starting more
If you’re considering bringing a pet home, your child needs to learn how to behave around it. When a child knows how to treat an animal properly, they can form a lasting more
Dear Liberty Vet Friends,   My husband has been offered and accepted a job out of Cincinnati. As we move on to the next chapter in our lives, I would like to share several more
Virtually all pet owners agree that dogs, cats, and other animals have an amazing capacity to foster friendship. And if you have several pets, expect your furry friends to bond more
When cold weather finally gives way to spring, you and your dogs will be ready to head outside to enjoy the season. However, there are a few essential pet care guidelines you more
Although there’s no definitive proof for why dogs are afraid of thunder, the worst storms can make even the toughest of dogs cower in fear. Between the loud, disruptive noise, more
One of the most overlooked parts of pet care is dental health. Your dog’s teeth are just as susceptible to health issues as yours are, so they must be properly maintained. Poor pet more
Bringing a new baby home is an exciting time, and everyone will want to get acquainted, including your pets. At first, it can be overwhelming for them, and you want to know more
If your beloved dog or cat is sick, it may take more than a physical exam to get to the bottom of the issue. That’s why so many pet hospitals tout the importance of diagnostic more
Adopting a dog into your family is a great way to find love and companionship, and you want to be confident you’re providing them with everything they need. Socializing is more
Animal hospitals recommend pet care and wellness exams every six months. During these appointments, your animal companion will receive a physical evaluation, as more
Pet boarding is a convenient solution for dog owners who are traveling or hosting guests from out of town. It provides peace of mind in knowing your pup is well-cared for when you more
Discovering that your creature companion has gotten loose and run away from home can be devastating and leave you feeling helpless. However, Liberty Veterinary Hospital reminds pet more
Whether you’re adopting an older dog or bringing home a puppy from a litter, preparing your home for the new addition is crucial to a smooth transition. From getting their spot more
Sharing a delicious treat with your dog can feel like a special occasion. Regardless of how excited they may seem, though, you could accidentally cause harm by giving them the wrong more
Let’s face it—preparing your dog for a trip to the vet can be exhausting. As you rush to get your pet in the car, they only seem to grow more anxious about where more
Because of their thick coats of fur and inability to sweat, dogs and cats are much more inclined to health issues during the hot summer months. There are a handful of precautions more
Finding a reliable animal hospital with the right equipment, training, and expertise can be difficult when you have little information to go on. There’s one guaranteed sign more
The arrival of summer brings with it the chance of a blistering heat wave. Soaring temperatures aren’t just uncomfortable—they can also be dangerous, especially for pets. As the more
If you’re a cat lover, you know that felines can have some pretty quirky personalities. Unfortunately, those quirks can make traveling to the vet a stressful experience—especially more
Animal vaccines are some of the most important components of your pet’s preventative care. Some cat and dog owners doubt their necessity, but immunization is a crucial more
You want to keep your pet as healthy and happy as possible, and when yours needs an ultrasound, it’s crucial to schedule a visit with your animal hospital. Of course, many pet more
Clipping nails is an important part of dog grooming, and it’s one you can easily accomplish at home with a few tips. It can be intimidating for many pet owners, which is why the more
Cats and dogs frequently become involuntary hosts of fleas if they spend time outside. And unfortunately, these insects are more than a nuisance. They carry diseases and can more
Your cat is a member of the family, and their health and happiness are important to you. That is why it’s imperative to understand the signs of stress, whether it be physical more
Nothing is more heartbreaking than seeing a pup bite and scratch at fleas that won’t seem to go away. For pets with flea bite hypersensitivity and flea allergy dermatitis, the more
While the cold has us staying warm inside, let’s have some fun and see how we do with this crossword puzzle :) Wishing Everyone a Happy and Healthy 2018! read more
I cannot speak for all my furry friends out there, but I love the cold!  There is nothing better than a cold wind blowing on my face.  Well, at least if it isn’t like -10 more
A lot of you travel over the holidays, and unfortunately, many of us do not get to go with you.  Pets, though loved, cannot always go where the rest of the family is going. more
Here we go again  Fa la la la  another holiday is on the way, and Liberty Veterinary Hospital wants all of you to have a safe and happy holiday.  I hope you remember more
Your dog plays in the wrapping paper on Christmas morning, he greets you with a loving lick when you get home, and whimpers at your feet when you’re not feeling well. Your dog is more
Our Operation Santa Paws tree is up in our entrance! Please join us in helping out Animal Friends Humane Society this holiday season. Your donations will benefit one or more of the more
Well I am glad to be home!  I love visiting Grammy’s house, but with all those people around it’s a little too much.  How did your Thanksgiving go?  Smoothly I hope, more
Canine flu has returned to our neighborhoods, affecting multiple veterinary facilities in the area. To prevent the outbreak from reaching Liberty Vet, or any of our patients, we are more
Only a few more days until turkey time!  I hope I get a few bites this year, but my mom is pretty good about not feeding me all the really good stuff.  She reads this blog more
As we get closer to the holidays, we all know there is nothing better than moist turkey, mashed potatoes, buttery rolls, and sweet pumpkin pie.  Or is that just me? more
Happy turkey month!  It’s the beginning of two of the busiest months for you humans.  Just don’t forget about your furry friends!  If you’re traveling for the more
Thanks for joining me again this week.  I want to review some of the things you can do to keep your cat happy and healthy.  Just unscramble the underlined words. more
Ok, we’ve talked about preventative care, what about some things you can do at home?  Cats need to eat a healthy diet and get exercise.  If you’re not sure what type of more
With the proper care, a cat can live anywhere from 13 to 17 years—or longer. But to make sure you’re setting your feline companion up for a happy and healthy life, it’s critical to more
Purrfect, you’re all here!  For week two of cat health month, I wanted to review the most common problems and how to prevent/treat your feline family member.  Did you more
Just like people, animals experience changing needs as they grow older. While furry friends can experience a long and healthy life, Liberty Veterinary Hospital stresses the more
  Ah, my feline friends.  They are loving one minute, then scratching at you the next.  The way they pounce and play around can be entertaining for sure, so we more
I am so glad you came back!  Ready to work your brain?  Let’s see how much you’ve learned this month on senior wellness for cats and dogs. True or False Dogs and cats more
We are writing to let you know of a change to the Royal Canin frequent buyer’s program.  That program was discontinued quite some time ago, and LVH was no longer giving out new more
Thanks for coming back.  Dental health is more important for your pet than you might think.  It is more than making sure our breath is fresh.  It is making sure that more
Age is just a number, but I wish our bodies would learn that.  The older we get, the chances of things going wrong in our bodies increases.  The only problem is that we more
Fall is in the air, the time to slow down and enjoy the cool air after a long hot summer.   And sadly a lot of us are slowing down because we are not young pups anymore.& more
I wish I could eat all day long, but my mom has me on a pretty strict diet.  Like so many of my furry friends out there, I have to eat prescription food to stay healthy. more
We all know dogs and cats can itch and groom themselves from time to time, but when it becomes obsessive with visible redness or hair loss, then that’s a problem and Liberty more
August is National Immunization Awareness Month, making it a great time to learn more about the importance of animal vaccines. At Liberty Veterinary Hospital in the Liberty more
Sydney here and I think I can speak for all my fellow canines and felines when I say we hate fleas!  They are not only tiny nasty bugs but worse than that, they bite and can more
Well it’s the last month of summer.  That means just a few more weeks of fun before school and preparing for cooler weather.  So, we here at Liberty Veterinary Hospital more
So, this is our last week talking about toxic dangers for you pets.  Here are some tips you should have picked up along the way this past month: *keep purses, bags etc. out of more
What pet doesn’t love to beg for food? We all long to have a taste of the delicious food people get to eat, but only some of us get to enjoy any from our owners. You do want to more
When you decide to adopt a puppy, there are many things you will have to do to ensure he or she is well cared for. This means ensuring they receive all necessary animal vaccines as more
Hey there, hope you’re are enjoying your summer.  I know I am, I get to sit on the patio with my mom and feel the wind in my fur. And bark at people of course, until she quiets more
We are starting a new initiative here at LVH which should make your life a little easier, but we do need your help to get started.  It's called forward booking, and it's what more
Summer is the time of year everyone, including pets, spend more time outside.  There are walks, picnics, barbeques and playing in the yard with the kids.  No matter what more
Yankee Road will be closed to thru traffic between Dutchland Parkway and Princeton Road beginning Wednesday, July 5, 2017. Local access will be maintained for residents and more
Dog training can be a major benefit to pet owners who are seeking a way to improve the behavior of their furry friends. Not only can training help your pet learn and obey commands, more
By now I am sure you are well educated on Liberty Veterinary Hospital’s PWP’s and KWP’s.  Preventative services in one package make taking care of your little one easier. more
Adorable as we are we puppies, we are a lot of work.  But we are sooooooooo worth it!  And my friends at Liberty Veterinary Hospital are here to help with a preventative more
So, you’ve picked out your new kitten to bring home. Now what?  Don’t worry, Liberty Veterinary Hospital has everything you need in one amazing plan:  The Kitten Wellness more
Welcome back my furry and human friends!  This month the fine folks at Liberty Veterinary Hospital want to let you know about their puppy and kitten wellness plans.  Just more
Ready for summer?  I hope so, and I hope you’ve been paying attention on how to make sure your pet has a safe summer too.  Below are some reminders to help ensure your pet more
With summer on the horizon, hot and sticky weather will be arriving shortly. Though their human counterparts may not be aware, cats are just as vulnerable to excessive heat and more
One of the biggest concerns for your pet in summer for your pet is heatstroke.  Luckily for my feline friends out there, this usually isn’t a problem for them.  But for more
Who doesn’t like a nice walk or game of fetch?  Even my feline friends can enjoy a walk outside, but in the hot summer weather you need to be mindful that heat affects us too.& more
Summer will be here before you know it!  That means all of us will be spending more time outside – humans and pets.  And the fine people at Liberty Veterinary Hospital more
You came back?!  Awesome!  I like knowing that I am helping my friends out there to give their fur babies the best.  And Liberty Veterinary Hospital is a great place more
Me, me me!  I’m a VIP (Very Important Pet)! And I am sure my mommy would agree too.  For all my canine VIP’s out there, get ready to board at Liberty Veterinary Hospital! more
If you’re a first-time pet owner, you may wonder why so many animal health experts advocate spaying or neutering dogs and cats. This important form of pet surgery offers many more
Need a place to keep your fur baby safe and loved while you’re away?  Liberty Veterinary Hospital is the place to go!  For all my canine friends out there, you will get more
Spring is here!  The fresh smell of grass is in the air, & the trees and flowers are in bloom.  It also means more walks for me!  This is the time many of you more
I saved the worst for last: worms.  Some of the creatures in the JK Rowling movie were indeed fantastic. But take a look at these bizarre creatures: (left to right) more
There are some upcoming road closures that may affect your travel time to Liberty Vet.  If you use either route listed below, please add some extra time for the detour... The more
Whether your furry friend is sneezing, scratching, or vomiting, no one likes to see their pet in pain or discomfort. If you think your dog might be suffering from allergies, visit more
Lucky for me I’ve never had a tick myself.  My mom did once though…. we won’t talk about that, but it wasn’t pretty.  But she knows what we all know, ticks are skin more
Ask our vets and they’ll tell you flea prevention is important all year round.  That’s because those pesky critters are smart and will find their way indoors, even hitching more
Sydney here again, and I'm itching to get the word out about parasites. Spring is in the air my furry friends, which means there is no better time to talk about them.  True we more
I sure hope you said true, or I haven’t done my job well.  Glad you returned even knowing there was going to be a quiz.  Ready?  It’s easy if you’ve been paying more
Grooming your puppy isn’t just a question of making them look even more adorable. Dog grooming has significant importance for your dog’s physical and emotional well-being. The more
I hope you’ve scheduled your dog's or cat’s dental with Liberty Veterinary Hospital already.  If not, go ahead and give them a call now.  I’ll wait... All set? more
Welcome back to week two of dental health care.  Liberty Veterinary Hospital and I are glad you came back. It is important to know that your pet’s dental health is as more
Hello, Sydney here to let you know about the importance of dental hygiene in pets.  You will need a dental exam before the actual dental. The doctors at Liberty Veterinary more
Hello my furry friends and humans!  Well, I’ve started my low calorie diet which tastes pretty good, and my mommy is able to take me for walks in the evening now.  So, I’m more
Adopting a dog of any age is always an exciting undertaking. Whether your new four-legged friend is just a baby or an adult, some training will be required to ensure your pet fits more
I know, I know….I’m overweight.  But I’m always hungry, so how can I be overweight?  Dr. Collins at Liberty Veterinary Hospital and my mom say it has to do with my age.& more
Welcome back to week two of pet obesity awareness month.  Obesity in animals is a growing problem, and not always obvious to those who love them.  The caring staff at more
Happy New Year my furry friends and humans!  It’s that time of year when many of you humans make resolutions to lose weight.  But you aren’t the only ones who may have more
Happy 2017!  We hope you and yours had an awesome holiday season. As we look forward to the upcoming year, we wanted to update you on some scheduling information that may more
Happy New Year my furry friends and humans!  It’s that time of year when many of you humans make resolutions to lose weight.  But you aren’t the only ones who may have more
While everyone likes to spoil their furry loved ones, it’s important to do everything you can to keep them in optimal health. When it comes to pet nutrition, staying informed will more
I am so glad you came back.  My friends at Liberty Veterinary Hospital have some great tips this week!  This blog is very important for my furry friends who aren’t able to more
Hi, I’m Sydney, here on behalf of Liberty Veterinary Hospital. Thanks for coming back!  This week is really important for all my furry friends out there as the temperatures more
Hi, I’m Sydney, here on behalf of Liberty Veterinary Hospital. Thanks for coming back!  This week is really important for all my furry friends out there as the temperatures more
Happy trails to you!  And happy tails for your furry loved ones!  Sadly, you can’t always take your pets with you. But dogs, cats, and even exotic pets are all welcome at more
Happy December my friends!  And you know what that means... cold weather and more holiday dangers to watch out for.  The wonderful staff at Liberty Veterinary Hospital more
If you have a pet and want your furry friend to live a long and healthy life, one of the best things you can do is discuss animal vaccines with your veterinarian. At Liberty more
Well, Thanksgiving is over. Sadly, I hardly got any bites, but on the flip side I didn’t get sick either.  Hopefully, there were no decoration mishaps at your homes, or more
I’m back with some holiday dos and don’ts from Liberty Veterinary Hospital.  We want to make sure your pets stay healthy and safe. Do: *Keep decorations out of our playful more
Hi, Sidney here again. Traveling can be fun for some pets, and stressful for others.  I, myself, love to go wherever my mom is, but I hate being in the crate.  I’d much more
Sydney here.  I can’t believe the holidays are upon us already.  I’m pretty lucky I get to travel with my mom. Well, lucky to be with her, but sometimes being around more
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Your cat is a part of your family. Naturally, you want your furry friend to live long and well. The professionals from Liberty Veterinary Hospital in Liberty Township, OH, are here more
Sadly this is the last week of our cat health blogs. L I hope all my feline fans have gotten a few helpful tips.  Please just remember 6 month exams are very important. more
We want to inform you of a couple changes to our normal schedule which will be occurring during the upcoming weeks. Dr. Johnstone will be out of the office starting November 5th more
Great, you came back for week three!  This is an important week for cat health.  Did you know the most common and dangerous aliments for cats are urinary and kidney more
Welcome back my feline friends (and owners).  We all love the quirkiness of cats; from their need to show affection one minute and attack you the next, or how they love to just more
Meow my feline friends (and your owners too)!  This month is all about you. It is important to stay up on your health, so I am here for the next month to help my feline more
Marty’s Waffles Food Truck is stopping by Liberty Veterinary Hospital Wed 10-5-16 between 4-5 pm!  This is a free event courtesy of Elanco Animal Health and Henry Schein Animal more
     So, hopefully now you know how important preventative care is in the senior years of your pet.  Let’s see how closely you’ve been paying attention with more
A pet’s senior years have many rewards, but they offer significant challenges as well. Pet nutrition is especially important since a good diet can help mitigate disease and extend more
     Purrrfect timing!  And the sooner the better to help out your senior feline friend.  It's true that cats seem to age more gracefully than us dogs, more
Did you sign up for your pet's dental cleaning or senior wellness plan?  No, not yet?  What are you waiting for!? If your dog is age seven or older, their puppy days are more
     September is senior wellness time!  Dogs and cats age much quicker than people do, that’s why preventative health care is important.  People sadly more
This is our last week together talking about pet allergies, and I've saved the most common allergic disorder for last:  Flea Allergy Dermatitis. We know fleas are no joke for more
Good morning, afternoon, or evening, depending on when you read this.  We are writing to inform you of an important change coming regarding our online pharmacy.  On more
    I'm so glad you came back!  Sydney again. You must know by now how important it is to take care of your pet's allergies.  Week three will not more
Allergies, rashes, infections—these aren’t just human problems; your pets are just as at risk for adverse reactions from foods, bug bites, grooming products, and even some more
Welcome back to allergy awareness month here at Liberty Vet. Sydney once again, and this week I want to go into greater depth on food allergies.  If your dog or cat is anything more
     Hello my furry friends and humans!  Sydney here, taking a break from my busy summer traveling (i.e. stuck in a crate in the back of the car unable to more
Pets are part of the family, but sadly, there are a large number of animals out there that don’t have a place to call home. Overpopulation has resulted in overfilled shelters and an more
If you're like many pet owners, chances are you have occasionally skipped administering your dog or cat's parasite preventative medication. After all, who can't resist saving a few more
Beth here again, this time to discuss the importance of 6 month wellness exams! Pets can’t talk, and they are good at hiding their pain. In the wild, if an animal showed signs of more
Hello friends and clients.  This is your receptionist Beth, back again this week to talk about Liberty Veterinary Hospital’s Puppy and Kitten Wellness Plans.  Why more
Finding the right pet boarding facility for your dog or cat can be a difficult task. You'd like to put your furry friend in a spacious, comfortable kennel staffed by more
Hello friends, and welcome to the Liberty Vet blog! This is Beth and I work in reception at Liberty Vet. Did you know, here at Liberty Veterinary Hospital you can save money the more
No one looks forward to summer more than pets. Good thing most dogs aren’t scaredy cats, lol. This week on Liberty Veterinary Hospital Blog, I, Indy will take you on a tour of my more
Planning a vacation is always a special treat. It’s hard to take time off, and those rare moments away from home, enjoying friends, family, and plenty of relaxation should be more
I’m very appreciative of the staff at Liberty Veterinary Hospital. They helped me debunk these spay and neuter myths. Did you know that spaying or neutering will not cause your pet more
Here are some behavioral benefits on spaying and neutering I received from Liberty Veterinary Hospital’s staff. First, your spayed female won’t go into heat and experience “that more
Here are some medical benefits on spaying and neutering I received from Liberty Veterinary Hospital’s staff. Your female companion will live a longer, healthier life. Spaying helps more
They eat off our plates, sleep in our beds, and shower us with unconditional love. Pets are the lights of our lives, but unfortunately, there are innumerable animals out on the more
Hi, I’m a client from Liberty Veterinary Hospital and would like to share some thoughts about benefits of spaying and neutering your beloved companion. I’m very thankful for the more
Did you know that pets can have allergies just like humans do? Unfortunately, it can be tough to spot all the tell-tale signs of a potential allergy problem. That’s why the animal more
Congratulations to our April Pet of the Month - Maya Almeria! Here is what her Mom had to tell us about her: "Maya is honored to have this privilege. She is a very mellow girl more
Those dogs, always getting into some kind of mess. It’s enough to drive a cat like myself crazy. Mr. Biggles here to give the scoop on what else bugs us felines. While heartworms more
Willie here. I’m so happy you joined us this week! Actually, I’m pretty happy all the time, and for good reason. I’m the newest rescue to join this crew. I was wondering lost in the more
Hey! Hey! Hey! Ellie Mae here…super excited! I just got in from a long run to the nearby pond following this quick little rabbit. It was so much fun! Before I knew it, he was gone more
Did you know we are now offering Military personnel (active and veterans with ID) discounts? Just our small way of saying thanks to the men and women who have done so much for more
Seamus here to give you the facts on parasites, straight from the horse’s, or rather dog’s, mouth. My fellow canine compadres Ellie Mae and Willie, as well, as our feline frenemy more
The long, cold winter is beginning to take its toll on people and pets alike. Why not give your dog a much-needed mood boost with a dog grooming package from Liberty Veterinary more
So for about a month now, we dogs should have been annoying a lot of neighbors.That barking chain hopefully reached a lot of dogs alerting all that February is dental month at more
Hello all. I am Clifford the cat, no relation to Clifford the big, obnoxious, red dog. My house mates Wrangler and Rupert have been raising anxiety levels about bad teeth. Let me, more
Want to play a game?? I am Rupert, I live with Alicia, one of Liberty Vet’s technicians. Let’s see how smart you are.TRUE or FALSE: 10% of cats show signs of dental disease by age more
HOLY HALITOSIS FUR FRIENDS!This is incredible! Gather round my canine friends. I am Wrangler visiting the Liberty Vet blog again. Fantastic and exciting news must be shared. Liberty more
Everyone else at home took a moment to speak with you all, so I guess I will too. My name is Karl and I don’t see what the big deal is with obesity and activity and measured more
Cats, dogs, even humans, lend me your ears. Damien here and I’m ready to give you the skinny on maintaining proper weight as we age. I don’t know about the rest of you, but with more
January is National Train Your Dog Month. With the bitter, cold weather outside, you may have your dog inside more than usual, so keep them entertained! Dog training is a great way more
This is Sweet Baby Jay checking in with you today. While maintaining our figures might not mean much to us, it should be of primary concern for our humans. As a young lady in our more
Happy New Year my feline friends and canine comrades!  Your good buddy Cheech here to talk to you about a serious issue: obesity.This time of year I hear my humans talking a more
Blaze here again! I’m a 13 years old and my two favorite things to do are eat and sleep! Our owners often think they are giving us “treats” when were given people food during the more
Liberty Veterinary Hospital is one of the best animal hospitals and pet boarding facilities you will find in the Middletown, OH, area. As a fully accredited member of the American more
I’m Sig. At 10 weeks old, I’m super cute, full of energy and want to play and chew all the noisy and shiny things I can get my paws on. I can’t wait for our Christmas tree to go up. more
Gabby told you all about dogs and cold weather. Now it’s my turn to tell you about cold weather and cats. My name is Blaze. Although this is not one of my most flattering photos, it’ more
Gabby here! Just like people, our cold tolerance can vary based on our coat, body fat, activity and health. I am 11 and if your pets are a little older like me, be sure to get a more
(Our tree will be going up sometime this week in our entrance way)Please join us in helping our local pet rescues and shelters this holiday season.Your donations will benefit one or more
Hello, Stormy here. Dogs are not the only ones who can enjoy a stay in boarding, cats can stay too! I don’t like to travel at all and staying alone isn’t much fun as my litter box more
A pet’s love for its owner is unconditional. No matter what happens in your life, your playful pal will always stay by your side. The caring team at Liberty Veterinary Hospital more
Hi, Kiara and Chloe here.Everyone thinks we are just cute little fluff balls. Well we are, kind of, but we do have brains too! We know how crazy holiday family gatherings can be and more
Sick from the start - This is a great article from the Cincinnati Enquirer to help you make a more informed decision on your next more
Hi, Tanzanite here. I want to tell you how dangerous the holiday’s can be. Our kitty friends love to get in trouble playing in the Christmas tree, almost knocking it over! Please more
Hi, my name is Cub Scout and I’m a Shetland Sheep dog. I have a very full coat, but the cold can still be harmful to my feet if I stay outside in the ice and snow too long. To fix more
Meow, I’m Jacob. I’m the eldest of the furry felines in this household. There’s nothing I haven’t seen or heard in this house. Seeing “little guy” everyday reminds me of my youth. more
Meowello, I’m Gus, the middle child. I wanted to tell you of how great our lives are because of the staff at Liberty Veterinary Hospital. First, we have four litter boxes, and that more
Did you know that the average cat visits the animal hospital less than once a year, whereas the average dog comes in at least twice? This information comes from the American more
Hello, or should I say “MEOWELLO”? I’m the one my owner refers to as the “little guy”. Being a kitten is great. I get to play around the house and be a goof ball, and everyone more
I am a client at Liberty Veterinary Hospital, and my 2 gorgeous cats have been going there for a long time now. Dr. Johnstone, Dr. Collins, and the entire staff at Liberty more
Be aware if ticks in winterAmerican dog ticks, blacklegged ticks, and lone star ticks can all pose a threat to outdoorsmen and women during the fall hunting seasons.Unlike pets more
CAT NIP!!CAT NIP!!CAT NIP!!This week, we direct the Liberty Vet pet blog towards the felines. I've been a patient at LVH long enough that I speak cat too. So meow to all your feline more
Woof, woof, Wrangler back to discuss senior pet wellness plans.This pet blog will have information on a dog’s senior health plan.Cats, retract your claws.Next week’s blog will be more
So you've taken home your very first puppy! What happens next? Hopefully, you've at least acquired the basics by this point: pet beds, toys, food and water bowls, leashes and ID more
Welcome to the new Liberty Veterinary Hospital pet blog. Howling hello. I am Wrangler, this month’s blogger, a long time patient and dog of one of the Liberty Vet techs. Sorry, I am more
September is Senior Pet Wellness Month at Liberty Veterinary Hospital. While the old saying that every year is equal to seven dog years isn't completely accurate, time does go more
Glad all my friends are inside in the air conditioning. My favorite place to nap is over a vent this time of year. Don’t know why my owners complain about their energy bill. August more
Woof, woof and hello again. Indy again, using my pet blog to educate all my dog and cat friends about allergies. So far, we discussed two types of allergies: inhalant and food more
Woof, woof. Indy back to bark about allergies. So, in my last blog, we discussed allergies due to pollen and mold.In this blog, we need to discuss allergies due to food.  Yep, more
Woof, woof (that's hello is dog language). Indy here.I'm a long time patient at Liberty Veterinary Hospital, & my owner Janice is also a LVH receptionist. I am a senior dog and more
Due to the possibility of canine influenza in our area, we are taking precautions to help prevent it from entering our facility. Please be aware when you call our hospital you will more
As the temperatures climb during the summer months, you probably do as much as you can to keep cool: crank the AC up, try to get to the pool and rid yourself of extra layers of more
We get it - giving our pet a little more freedom to explore is a great feeling.  But what are the risks?  Here is an article from Vetstreet that highlights some of the more
Every month, as part of our team meetings, one team member takes on the task of presenting an important topic to the staff.  At our recent June meeting, Danielle did a great more
Now that storm season has started, it’s important to make sure that you, your family, and your pets are prepared. A little prep work goes a long way, especially when emergencies more
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