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Today’s media landscape is saturated with ads and marketing, and sometimes it takes video content to stand out from the crowd. When you need a professional media production company to take your business to the next level, 3Gins Media can provide a whole new perspective.

Business Insider estimates that when consumers watch a business video, 26% of viewers will visit the store and 21% will make a purchase. The 3Gins Media method involves you in every step of this exciting process. First, you’ll work together to plan your video, discussing your goals and crafting a plan to highlight what makes you and your business unique. Simple messaging is the most impactful, so it’s crucial to pinpoint your message and streamline your narrative.

Next, it’s time for the production phase: 3Gins Media will begin filming your project, taking special care to have you and your product looking good with professional lighting and angles. Finally, it’s time for the post-production phase, when the raw video begins to take shape. Your video editor will produce a first cut for you to review and give feedback, and soon you’ll receive your finished product—a polished video to share throughout social media and beyond.

Here is a sampling of 3Gins Media production services:

  • Advertising videos
  • Business video production
  • Video marketing
  • Digital marketing
  • Music videos
  • Video fliers
  • Event samples
  • And much more.

When you need expert video marketing and multifaceted media production services, choose 3Gins Media, Lexington’s trusted video experience. To learn more about how digital marketing can work for you, call (513) 965-1552 or visit their website to view an online portfolio.

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