Moanalua, Hawaii

Furever Friends Play and Stay

Furever Friends Play and Stay

619 Mapunapuna St
Honolulu, HI 96819
(808) 845-7297
Furever Friends Play and Stay, Pet Boarding and Sitting, Services, Honolulu, Hawaii

Are you going on vacation where your furry family member can’t join you? If you need a pet sitter who will love your dog or cat as much as you do, turn to Furever Friends. Located in Honolulu, HI, these award-winning kennels offer animal owners across Oahu a variety of pet boarding, doggy daycare, and grooming solutions tailored to fit any need.


Furever Friends is no ordinary doggy daycare. Instead of confining your dog to a small cage, they provide a safe, open environment where dogs can play together and explore their instincts as pack animals. Littered with couches, cots, and toys galore, their open play space is your dog’s home away from home. If you need to leave your dog overnight or for an extended length of time, their boarding suits offer comfort and safety to any dog that needs to sleep over.


In addition to cage-free play and doggy daycare services, they offer comfortable cat towers, scratch posts, and napping nooks sure to catch the appeal of any feline visitor. From daily care to extended stay and play, cats receive just as much love attention at this pet-loving paradise as the doggos do.


Their staff understands just how critical it is for your pet to look and feel their best. Complete with a gentle scrub using an all-natural shampoo, coat brush, and ear cleaning service, the “doggy spaw” will have your pet squeaky clean in no time.


Furever Friends cares about your pet’s safety and happiness as much as you do. For pet boarding and grooming services you can trust, call (808) 845-7297. You can also visit their website for more details and membership information.

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