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Located near the beautiful beaches of the Gulf Coast, the Animal Medical Center is dedicated to ensuring your pet receives the best care. Dr. John Heilmeier, Dr. Kasey Singley, and the associates always provide quality service in a family-friendly environment, making both people and their pets feel comfortable and relaxed during a checkup. 

The team can conduct the various tests that are sometimes necessary to keep your pet happy and healthy. Armed with the latest technology, the staff can perform blood tests, Ultrasounds, EKG exams, and Digital Radiography (X-rays). In addition, they offer excellent pet grooming services, as well as pet boarding. .

If you're interested in adopting a pet, they also help place pets in homes and do all the necessary tests to help new pet owners feel relaxed about their latest addition to the family. Adoptable pets are vaccinated and spayed or neutered if they're old enough for the procedure, and everything is included in the adoption fee.

Besides offering medical attention to your pet, the Animal Medical Center is also a boarding center. This is especially helpful for tourists who are vacationing in the Gulf Shores, or people who need a great place for their pet to stay while they're out of town. Doggy Day Care is also available at an affordable price, and you can rest assured that there are qualified vets available to take care of your pet and ensure they have a positive experience.

Need pet supplies? The Animal Medical Center has you covered too, and keeps the best items for your cat or dog in stock. To reach out to them for any of your pet's needs, visit their website, write them a quick email at, or give them a call at (251) 955-5900.

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