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Whittaker Chiropractic

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Waking up every morning wondering how much pain you’ll have to deal with is no way to live. From back and neck pain to migraines and arthritis, if you’re suffering from a condition that a chiropractor could help you manage, your best option is to visit Whittaker Chiropractic in Flatwoods, KY. Trust certified chiropractor Dr. Robert Whittaker to provide treatments that will guide you to a more pain-free life.


Whether you’ve been injured in a car accident or suffered a few too many sports injuries, there’s no one better suited to treat you than Dr. Whittaker. He offers a wide range of services and procedures to help manage or significantly reduce your pain, including chiropractic adjustments, decompression, muscle stimulation, and intersegment traction. This chiropractor is committed to providing unmatched care throughout every step of the chiropractic process.


Find the relief and pain management you deserve at Whittaker Chiropractic. For essential chiropractic care, call (606) 836-2522 or visit them online. You can also like them on Facebook to read testimonies from other patients.