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After going through a spring cleaning, it might be shocking to realize just how much stuff has been cluttering up the closets, shelves, and drawers throughout your home. From abandoned art projects and out-of-season sports gear to heavy winter bedding and baby furniture, it all takes up space – and nothing can give a fresh breath of air to a home like putting unused items in a conveniently located self-storage unit. Located in King, NC, Five Star Self Storage takes pride in offering affordable self-storage rental rates for all manner, size, and shape of belongings.

In business since 1997, the team at Five Star Self Storage has experience in providing clean, safe, and economical storage solutions in a variety of sizes. The self-storage building is well-lit and well-staffed, and can also provide a variety of packing materials such as boxes, tape, and packing filler for any storage needs. The Five Star Self Storage building is open from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. every day so customers have ready and easy access to all stored belongings and items.

At Five Star Self Storage, the employees take care and pride in providing stellar service to each individual self-storage client, ensuring that the storage unit meets their current and future needs and providing safe, secure storage for all a family’s items, like furniture and heirlooms. Working with a trusted storage facility can make it easy to keep treasured items close, but not cluttered! 

For questions on self-storage rental and units in Stokes County, call Five Star Self Storage at (336) 413-8285.

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