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For over 37 years, Mt. Healthy Auto Repair has been the Cincinnati area's best source for fast, reliable car repairs, providing customers with a level of customer service that can't be beat. With their combination of old-fashioned service and the latest modern diagnostic technology, their highly trained repair technicians can handle anything your car needs, and will even provide you with a free loaner car until the work is done.

From transmission service to tire aligning and mounting, the auto repair specialists at Mt. Healthy Auto Repair do it all. Whether you need engine service and repairs or just a brake replacement or AC repair, you can depend on this widely respected auto shop for fast service and work you can count on.

Mt. Healthy Auto Repair offers a service guarantee with every job, so you can rest assured knowing that they won't be satisfied until you are. Their friendly service includes free transportation while they work on your car, and even a WiFi hotspot while you wait. 

If you've been looking for a dependable auto repair shop with a reputation for high-quality, honest service, you've been looking for Mt. Healthy Auto Repair. Visit their website to learn more, just drop by the shop, or call (513) 522-9555 to schedule an appointment.

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