Williamsburg, New York

FasTracKids/JEI Learning Center

Learning Disguised As Fun!

FasTracKids/JEI Learning Center

60 Broadway
Brooklyn, NY 11249
(347) 987-4450
FasTracKids/JEI Learning Center, Tutoring, Family and Kids, Brooklyn, New York

At FasTracKids/JEI Learning Center in Williamsburg, every child has the ability to become a lifelong learner. In their engaging educational environment that caters to kids' unique learning needs, all children will hone the 21st century skills that are essential to success.

This exciting enrichment program focuses on helping children learn the "FasTracKids® Advantages: critical thinking, creativity, collaboration, communication and confidence." By teaching children how to use their minds as a tool, rather than a warehouse for rote memorization, they learn to form their own thoughts, express ideas, and become more self-assured while learning to work with their peers.

The learning center offers a variety of programs for children aged 6 months to 8 years old – a critical time in child development that takes advantage of their heightened "capacity for learning." FasTracKids® Music is available for every age group because this learning center knows that music education spans disciplines, strengthening a child's skills in mathematics, science, and language arts. 

In the Explorers program for preschoolers, children build a solid foundation of skills and attitudes that are crucial for future academic achievement. Infants and toddlers will build communication skills in their Signing class. FasTracKids® Summer Camps protect against learning loss through playful, interactive curriculum in anatomy, art, athletics, astronomy, and so much more.

Every class at FasTracKids/JEI Learning Center promises a fun-filled, meaningful learning experience for your child. Visit them online or call (347) 987-4450 to schedule your first class for free.