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The Law Office of Lora Stuart Shortt, LLC

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The Law Office of Lora Stuart Shortt, LLC, Divorce and Family Attorneys, Services, Lexington, South Carolina

If you’re going through a divorce or need guidance regarding child support, it can be difficult to know who to turn for proper legal advice. With the Law Office of Lora Stuart Shortt, you can rely on her and her team to help you navigate any family law matter you’re going through. Located in Lexington, SC, this attorney has more than 20 years of experiencing working on a wide variety of cases.


Lora has years of experience dealing with various family cases and always puts her clients’ needs first. She understands that going through a divorce can be difficult, especially when you have children, which is why her office offers mediation services as a way to first try resolving the matter. Handling a full range of family law matters, this attorney also works on cases involving child custody and support, property division, and proof of paternity.


This attorney and her team are committed to offering expert legal counsel to their community members. She will take the time to work closely with you to ensure you fully understand the process and will create a proactive plan of action tailored to your specific situation and goals.


For expert legal representation and guidance from a reputable attorney, contact the Law Office of Lora Stuart Shortt. Call her office today at (803) 520-0455 to schedule your free initial consultation. You can also visit her website for an in-depth look at her services.

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