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Family law matters are often extremely complex and charged with rapidly-changing emotions that, without professional guidance from an experienced attorney, can run your case into the ground. The Law Office and Mediation Center of Jeannine M. Talbot offers a comprehensive range of services to families throughout Torrington, CT. With her dedication to helping you navigate your family law issues, you can rest assured that your long-term interests will be protected.

Jeannine has more than 20 years' experience guiding families through their most difficult times, so whether you're looking for an accomplished divorce attorney or a child custody specialist, you can rely on her expertise and her compassion. With both professional and personal experience dealing with these delicate matters, she prides herself on recognizing the wide diversity of her clients' situations and tailoring legal strategies to achieve the best possible outcome for your case.

Whenever possible, Jeannine attempts to resolve disputes through the lens of mediation, avoiding unnecessary friction, which can cause emotional and financial damage that can affect the rest of your life. Any family law issue can be mediated, so come to someone who is invested in helping you move on with your life as soon as possible.

Visit The Law Office and Mediation Center of Jeannine M. Talbot online to see her full list of practice areas, or call (860) 482-9004 to schedule a consultation.

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We've all heard the word "mediation," but have you ever wondered what it means in the legal world? Jeannine Talbot of The Law Office and Mediation Center of Jeannine M. Talbot is a more
For more than 20 years, The Law Office and Mediation Center of Jeannine M. Talbot has guided families through some of the most difficult legal situations of their lives. more
Choosing to divorce is a major decision that leaves a huge impact on your life. It's important to understand that you have options available to you to make your divorce as smooth a more
Attorney Jeannine takes into consideration each individual case and structures them in a way to best fit the needs of the client. Located in Torrington, CT, Attorney Jeannine will more
For children of divorced parents, the holiday season can be a tough time. In many cases, these children have to split their holidays between two households, and that can be an more
For couples going through a divorce, few issues cause as much conflict as the division of assets. Deciding who gets to keep the house, car, and other marital assets are decisions more
There is little more disruptive, stressful, and emotionally fraught than a divorce, domestic violence, or child custody case. Practical matters become framed in conflict, and fair more
In a divorce, few issues loom larger or cause as much friction as child custody arrangements. To avoid this difficult process, many unhappy couples stay together for the sake of the more
Going through a divorce is never easy, and it is made even harder by the task of trying to navigate the complexities of family law and reading endless legal documents. As the stress more
Hiring a good divorce lawyer and child custody lawyer should not only be top priority because it will bring your situation to a speedy resolution, but also because it will make a more