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When you need help from an accomplished civil litigation attorney with a track record of success, look no further than Charles H. Brower and Associates, A Law Corporation, one of Honolulu's most respected personal injury and wrongful termination attorneys. Drawing upon extensive experience and dedication to providing the best legal services possible, these experienced professionals are prepared to help in a variety of difficult situations.

If you've been injured due to someone else's negligence or believe you've been unfairly let go from your job, Attorney Bower will help ensure that justice is served. These legal situations are often complex and overwhelming, but these work injury and wrongful termination attorneys will help you receive the compensation you're entitled to. They also specialize in sexual harassment and family law, and can assist with a wide range of legal problems.

Attorney Brower and his dedicated staff strive to ensure that each client receives individualized attention and high-quality, conscientious legal services. 

To learn more about the wide variety of services available from Charles H. Brower and Associates, A Law Corporation, visit their website, or call (808) 526-2688 to schedule a consultation today.

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