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If you or a loved one is in need of an experienced and dedicated attorney, look no further than the law firm of McPherson & McPherson Attorneys at Law. Located in Coupeville, WA, this attorney is committed to providing their community with expert, affordable legal advice in a variety of practice areas, including divorce, family law, estate planning, and probate. 


Established in 1997, this law firm is owned and operated by local attorney Molly McPherson. Aware of the financial strain legal cases can cause, she charges a reasonable hourly fee for most cases, meaning you’re only paying for the time she spends on your case. Before any case is taken, she will sit down with you to explain their billing process, discuss your legal goals, and determine the outcome you would like to see.


With years of experience in family law, attorney Molly McPherson is qualified to guide and advise you on the best course of action regarding child custody and support, divorce settlements, and prenuptial agreements. In addition, Molly also provides estate planning and probate. 


For adept legal guidance and dependable results from an attorney you can trust, contact Molly McPherson at McPherson & McPherson Attorneys at Law. Call her office at (360) 678-4407 to discuss her services and prices or visit her online for more information.


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