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Magness, Fuel Oil & Coal, Services, Tyler, Texas

Selecting the right wholesale fuel supplier often comes down to price and dependability. Businesses across Arkansas and the surrounding states can put their trust in the cost-effective rates and reliable fuel delivery services offered at Magness. With a rich history that dates back more than 55 years, clients can expect the experienced company to provide excellent customer service, branding opportunities, and timely deliveries.

The proven wholesale fuel service is proud to offer competitively priced products for a wide range of industries. From marinas and construction companies to large fleets and convenience stores, no matter what the market, they have the solutions you need. Clients can take advantage of the latest technology in the field, including convenient fuel apps and monitoring systems that allow you to track the levels in your tank.

In order to deliver quality fuel products, Magness partners with trusted brand names such as Exxon® and Citgo®. These partnerships feature the possibility for branding opportunities for local convenience stores. Through the ability to provide same-day services and a 24/7 dispatch service for emergencies and disaster relief, government agencies will also benefit from their trustworthy fuel sales. Additionally, feel free to ask about their freight and transport services.

Whether starting a new fuel station or switching wholesale fuel suppliers, go with the experts at Magness. For more information on the delivery process or to inquire about driving opportunities, call them at (870) 425-4353 or visit them online today.

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