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At Island Dental Group in Aiea, HI, Dr. Claude N. Tamura, DDS combines his two biggest passions: dentistry and ohana, or family. Dr. Tamura is dedicated to giving your family the care they deserve by providing the best services in the area.

Visiting the dentist doesn’t have to be a dreaded experience. Dr. Tamura and his team help to solve every oral ache and pain and keep you at ease during each procedure, from routine cleanings to major extractions. Thorough consultations determine the condition of your teeth and the best course of actions for your oral health, while cleanings ensure optimal dental hygiene.

CEREC Restoration services make restoration procedures such as crowns and veneers easy and pain-free, while teeth whitening gives your pearly whites a gorgeous shine. With just one visit to Island Dental Group, your imperfect smile can be transformed into one you’re proud to show.

Composite fillings provide for healthy, long-lasting teeth by remedying cavities, cracks, and fractures. The team at Island Dental Group is committed to keeping your smile both healthy and beautiful, which is why they only use resins matched to your tooth’s color so that fillings are invisible and completely natural looking. And when a tooth can’t be fixed with a simple filling, they offer the extraction services necessary to ensure your health.

To ease all of your toothaches, cavities, and other dental woes, schedule an appointment at Island Dental Group . Call them at (808) 484-4470, or visit them online for more detailed information about their services.

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