Cincinnati, Ohio

Eye Care Locale

Eye Care Locale

5305 Glenway Ave
Cincinnati, OH 45238
(513) 251-9464
Eye Care Locale, Eyeglasses, Shopping, Cincinnati, Ohio

If you’re searching for a comprehensive vision care center that truly cares about their patients, look no further than Eye Care Locale in Ohio. Since opening their doors in 2016, their experienced team of opticians and optometrists has successfully helped those living throughout the western Cincinnati area maintain their ocular health while offering a full line of glasses and contact lenses.


Regardless of your eye health, their office has everything you need to see clearly and look great at the same time. If it’s been awhile since your last visit to an optometrist, it’s important to receive a comprehensive eye exam where the doctor tests for various eye conditions and offers vision-correcting options, such as glasses or contacts. In addition, treat a variety of eye conditions and diseases, including dry eye, glaucoma, and macular degeneration.


For top-notch ocular health services, a caring staff, and the widest selection of glasses in the region, call the office of Eye Care Locale at (513) 251-9464. You can also request an appointment by visiting their website.

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