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Cherry Hill Dog & Cat Hospital

Cherry Hill Dog & Cat Hospital

106 Elk Mills Rd
Elkton, MD 21921
(410) 398-1331
Cherry Hill Dog & Cat Hospital, Veterinarians, Health and Beauty, Elkton, Maryland

If your furry friend has a warm nose or is displaying unusual behavior, turn to Cherry Hill Dog & Cat Hospital for quality care that will have your pet feeling like themselves again in no time. For more than 53 years, this practice, located in Elkton, MD, has offered families throughout the area with top-rated veterinary care at affordable prices.


Voted the best veterinary facility in the Cecil County three years in a row, this animal hospital is proud to welcome both new and returning patients. Whether your pet is due for an annual exam and immunizations or they’ve experienced a sudden illness, Cherry Hill Dog & Cat Hospital offers an array of routine and emergency services to best fit your pet’s needs. From preventative healthcare and microchip placement to pet surgery and flea control, these veterinarians have your pet covered head to tail.


Dedicated to providing the best care possible, their team works hard to learn as much as they can about your pet. Following a comprehensive examination of your animal’s ears, mouth, nose, heart, and lungs, these veterinarians will provide detailed next steps and treatment plans to keeping your pet happy and healthy throughout their life.


When it comes to the quality of healthcare your pet deserves, don’t settle with just any animal clinic. Turn to the veterinarians at Cherry Hill Dog & Cat Hospital today to receive pet care you can count on. Call them at (410) 398-1331 to schedule an appointment or visit them online for a complete list of services.

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